Monday, July 30, 2012

Partying with the Family

Peanut's birthday was on Saturday and we had a grand time.  We had some special out of town visitors that made for some serious excitement for Peanut and Pumpkin!  We did it up for our special 6 year old!

She started her day with her favorite breakfast food...blueberry pancakes.  She was thrilled!
 Peanut Turns 6!
Later in the day the party got started!
Peanut Turns 6!
Peanut wanted chicken taquitos, corn on the cob and watermelon for her birthday meal so I certainly did my part for her in that area.  (I also made our favorite couscous salad.)   She also wanted a camping theme for her birthday. I tried to decorate that way a little for our family party but it was hard since we were in our tiny apartment. We were able to do that more at her friend party on Sunday. (pics to come)
 Peanut Turns 6!
She was thoroughly blessed by this special group who love her so much! She got girl Legos, lots of things for her American Girl doll, new clothes, and some other great stuff.
 Peanut Turns 6! Peanut Turns 6!
Gigi found a really great deal on this cheerleading mat, dvd, and pompoms! The girls have had so much fun with it already and it is so cute watching them do the cheers.
 Peanut Turns 6!Peanut Turns 6!
Someone else in our house was really excited about all of the new Legos too although this is his first experience with girl Legos.
 Peanut Turns 6!
Peanut also picked to have cupcakes for her family party. I used this yummy recipe to jazz up a white cake from a box and turn them into really good strawberry cupcakes with the best frosting! Peanut Turns 6!
I did not do well taking pics of anyone other than Peanut and Pumpkin on Saturday so these are the only pictures I have to share. Peanut Turns 6!
The photo credit for the next one goes to Peanut who took it at the park with my camera!
 Peanut Turns 6!
I also wanted to share a super cute thing Peanut got in the mail earlier in the week from Dobbie and Papa. Dobbie knew that Peanut was having a camping theme and since she loves camping, Dobbie found this adorable tent and camping gear for her doll! It is adorable!
Peanut Turns 6!
And this is what I came downstairs too after I had put the girls to bed on Saturday! Life has come full circle for him.
 Peanut Turns 6!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Peanut is 6 Years Old!

This morning at 4:15 a.m. while we slept soundly something monumental happened.  Peanut went from being a little 5 year old girl to a big 6 year old kid.  She thinks that maybe her toes grew when she went from 5 to 6...big kid toes.  Six just sounds so big.  How did she become a big 6 year old kid?  Wasn't she just a teeny tiny 6 lb. 11 oz. and 19 inch baby that took her time getting here just yesterday?  (Thirty-six hour labor to be exact, but who is keeping track?)  Although LONG her labor and delivery were amazing full of memories that I cherish.  These past six years are even more cherished as she grows into this big kid self.  We are so proud of her and love her more and more everyday.  God really did bless us when He chose us to be this lovely girl's parents.
Memorial Day at the Beach
Here is her 6 year old birthday interview.  Some things have changed since last year's and some have not.

How old are you?  I am 6.

What is your favorite food?  I like watermelon, corn on the cob, and pancakes.
Last Day of Half Day Kindergarten
What food do you like the least?  I don't like oatmeal.

What is your favorite thing to do?  Swing and slide at the park.

What is your favorite toy?  Baby dolls

Camping Trip
What is your favorite song?  Away in a Manger

What is your favorite book?  Baby Picture Books
100 Day of School
What is your favorite color?  Pink and purple and rainbow and white and black

What is your favorite season of the year?  I like winter and summer because that is when I get presents.
First Big Snow
What is your favorite TV show or movie?  Strawberry Shortcake and Madeline

What is your favorite memory?  Having our cats.
Christmas 2011
Who is your best friend?  Emma and Cole and Max and Zeke and the cousins and everybody that we met.

What is something you are good at?  Swinging and climbing up stuff.

What is something that makes you happy?  Having my birthday and getting a surprise when people hide and jump out.

What is something that makes you sad?  When Pumpkin hits me.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A nurse that helps babies.
What is something you would wish for if you could?  To go to Russia, Alaska and Washington.  (This would be to see dear friends that live in these states.  I did NOT help her at all with this answer sweet friends!  She misses you!)

What are 3 words that describe you?  Kind, sympathetic, generous  (I came up with these because she just wasn't sure!)

What is your favorite thing about Daddy?  His face because it looks nice.
Family Fun Day
What is your favorite thing about Mommy?  She takes me to the park.

What is your favorite thing about Pumpkin?  She likes to put stickers all over her face.  (What she was doing at the time of this interview.)
Apple Picking First Time Around
Who is Jesus?  He made us.  He knew that I would love my mom and dad.  He knew that my mom and dad would love me.

When I told her I was done asking her questions she said, "I have one more thing I need to say.  I love Pumpkin!  She's the best little sister ever!"
Princess Tea Birthday Party
That is our girl!!!!
Happy Birthday sweet Peanut! 
Now take this year slow!
I am not sure I can handle 7!
Weekend Camping Trip

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swimming Lessons Round 2

Peanut was able to have two rounds of swim lessons this summer since Pumpkin didn't adjust well to her session.  (We'll just put it that way for now.)  Peanut was over the moon to be able to go twice.  I am so thankful for that.  She was also able to go from level 2 the first time to level 3 this time.  I was pretty nervous about how she would do because level 3 was in a deeper pool and much more challenging.  I could not be more proud of all she learned these past two weeks.  I was amazed at how well she did!  She had an AMAZING teacher this session and I really do believe that makes all the difference.

For her final day they ended with jumping into the 15 foot pool off of the diving board. She was fearless and did AWESOME! She was able to swim over to the ladder in that deep pool. I don't think her smile could have been bigger!
 DSC09179 DSC09183
So very thankful for this amazing gal who taught Peanut's class! DSC09186
Pumpkin also had fun at swim lessons playing with one of her little buddies the days that she went with us.
Two weeks and 3 days until school....more on that later because I'm still not ready to talk about it.

Keeping Cool

The dreaded HOT temps have hit us again.  It is just plain miserable to be outside.  It's either stay in the A/C (which we are so very thankful for) or somewhere in the water.  We chose to go to the lake with some buddies Monday late afternoon.  We haven't hit the lake up much this summer.  Hopefully we can make use of this beautiful place more in the next few weeks.
DSC09158 DSC09154

Daddy's Family Reunion

Last Saturday we went to Daddy's family reunion.  We had a great time reconnecting with many of his family that we don't see throughout the year.  The girls enjoyed getting to know these family members that unfortunately they don't know well.  It was a beautiful day.  We were all so thankful the heat had broke a little.  The girls got to swim and thoroughly enjoyed playing with one of Daddy's uncles in the pool. Family Reunion 2012 Family Reunion 2012 Family Reunion 2012
Daddy's aunt had a fun little craft for the kids to make during a break from the pool. Family Reunion 2012 Family Reunion 2012
Here are 4 of the 8 brothers and sisters that were at the reunion and make up Dobbie's siblings.
 Family Reunion 2012
Another great way to make memories with our girls and to help them know their extended family!

 One funny story from the of Daddy's cousins is engaged to this really nice guy. He came up to us in the afternoon and told he had asked Pumpkin what her name was. She looked around and not seeing us said, "Well, my mommy calls me Rapunzel!" He got quite a kick out of her! She is always making someone smile!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cooler Weather Calls for a Trip to the Zoo

Finally our triple digit temperatures cooled down to double digit temperatures.  This past Friday it was an overcast, much cooler day so I decided we need to go to the zoo.  We have been wanting to go all summer and have been so busy then the HOT weather struck.  The zoo and 100 degree weather just don't sound like a lot of fun.   The girls and I spent 5 hours at the zoo and had a ball.
Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo
I think that this trip was the most fun with Pumpkin yet. She loved the animals and got so excited over each one. She would squeal in delight! Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo
There's nothing quite like watching a huge predatory animal stalking you with only a plate of glass between you and it.
 Cooler Day...Off to the ZooDSC09138
The girls loved the polar bear. Usually when we go, he is napping and trying to keep cool. You could tell he was thankful for the cooler temps too because he was up and walking around.
Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo
We took in the dog show too. Pumpkin was hot and not happy about sitting still that long. Peanut on the other hand loved it!
 Cooler Day...Off to the ZooCooler Day...Off to the Zoo
We got to see a one year old baby elephant which was pretty neat. We had just missed the 3 week old one, though.
Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo
We had a good day together! We're trying to squeeze as much out of this summer as we can before Peanut starts school. That's a whole other blog post that I am not ready to talk about yet.
 Cooler Day...Off to the Zoo