Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seeing Planets

Last night we decided to surprise the girls and take them out on the town after bedtime! We headed to our local iconic ice cream place which is a summer ritual for most people here in town and has been since 1933. It is soooo good! Peanut always gets a small rainbow snow cone which is only $0.50. DSC08775

And Pumpkin always wants a vanilla torch cone which is only $0.47! DSC08774
They eat cheap and love it.

Next we headed to a playground to kill some time before our really late night adventure began. At 10:00 p.m. we headed to the university's observatory which was built in 1901 to see some planets.
We were able to see Mars first which was just a bright dot up in the sky. It was neat but didn't blow me away. After everyone saw Mars, they moved the telescope and we got to see Saturn. That was really amazing. It was yellow and we could see the rings around it. When finished Peanut said, "That was super cool!" P6201316
We had a fun night together seeing the amazing creation that God has created for us to enjoy. Pretty awesome! These are pretty spectacular little creations too below, silly albeit!
So thankful for these memories that we get to create with these two amazing little people.  Dobbie got to go with us too which made it even more special!

On a side note, today we made a memory after having to leave the local pool a little earlier than planned when a lifeguard spotted something on the bottom of the pool. Not a fun day to be an on duty lifeguard! Pumpkin especially thought this was hilarious and kept repeating it the whole way home and giggling! "Somebody pooped in the pool!" Thankfully it was not one of my kids!

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