Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's that time of year again...CAMP!  Last year was Peanut's first year to go to Camp Preo which is sponsored by our church.  She loved it and has asked periodically throughout this past year when she would get to go again.  After a very busy weekend with camping, I was a bit concerned that the early morning wake-up call would be too early for her.  I was WRONG.  I peaked in her room to a sound asleep little girl and quietly said, "It's time to get up.  It's Camp Preo day."  I have never in my life seen her jump up out bed, go to the bathroom and get changed as fast as she did Monday morning.  She was that excited.  I LOVE that!
Preo 2012

 Off on the big yellow bus she went without a shred of fear!
 Preo 2012Preo 2012 Preo 2012
When I picked her up later in the afternoon, she was ALL smiles. They got to churn butter to use for their snack and make vests. Today they made fruit kabobs and got to go on a hay ride and ride a pony...TWICE! Preo 2012
I love that she has this opportunity and is filling up her memory bank with things like this. More importantly I am so grateful that there are men and women leading this group of kids to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus and using all of the experiences this week to do just that!

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