Saturday, June 16, 2012


Last week we got to help some very special friends pack, load up a trailer and some vehicles then load up a semi truck trailer with all of their earthly possessions for a very long move.  We were so thankful we were in town and able to help.  Helping always blesses the ones helping as much as much as the recipient of the help.  We were really thankful for this one long, even fun day to spend together before their move.

I got to have probably the best job while they packed up their apartment onto a trailer.  See what I mean?

Helping the Friends Pack and Move
It was rough but someone had to do it.

After loading we drove just over an hour to their family's farm where the semi truck trailer was. Farm = kids playing outside all day and having a blast!  These kids were filthy at the end of the day.  You know when your kid is filthy it was a great day and sleep will be a blessed event!Helping the Friends Pack and Move Helping the Friends Pack and Move Helping the Friends Pack and Move
 I really did help quite a bit with boxes and loading but I had this rough job again for a bit. Such a hard life!
 Helping the Friends Pack and Move
The guys did a great job of getting the stuff loaded into the trailer even though it was blazing hot.
Helping the Friends Pack and Move
(They love getting their picture taken too.)

Peanut kept close tabs on the baby. She loves her a lot!
 Helping the Friends Pack and Move
The kids got to go for a couple rides on the farm buggy which is what my girls call it. This was probably the highlight for them.  They even called their friends' grandma, Grandma! 
 Helping the Friends Pack and Move Helping the Friends Pack and Move
We love these friends and have been so blessed to have them right down the street from us for several months. Saying goodbye was really difficult but we know that God has led them to this far away American land for an important reason. Lives will be impacted by their love for God and leadership. As Cora prayed the night after we helped them load up, "Dear God, I am going to miss my friends but I trust that you know what is best." Better said than I can say! It has felt different knowing we can't just walk down and see them or go to the playground together. Thank goodness for the technology that makes it possible to stay in touch!
 Helping the Friends Pack and Move
And here is a pic from their last night in town of Peanut and her special little friend. Love it!
Saying Goodbye

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