Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping with P & D

This past weekend we went camping with Dobbie and Papa.  We went to a different camping area that is right on a local lake.  We had a wonderful time.  I do believe that camping is becoming our family's activity.  It does take a lot of work to get ready to do but with each trip it gets easier.  We are adding slowly to our camping stash too so that helps out quite a bit.

It is so dry here. We haven't a good rain in quite some time so the park ranger warned us that there would probably be a fire ban by evening. Well that meant we had to roast hot dogs first thing. How can you go camping and not roast hot dogs over an open fire? Not possible! After our late lunch/early supper we headed off to the beach. The water was really warm and the girls had a blast as did we. DSC08750
(That thing that Pumpkin has on is called a Puddle Jumper and I LOVE IT! It's like floaties and a life vest in one contraption. She can float out in the deeper water with no problems. I recommend it to anyone with a small child who loves to swim. Best purchase I've made all summer.) After swimming we headed back to our camp site to relax, refuel, and just hang out. DSC08759 DSC08760
(Some of us do not like to get our picture taken. Can you tell who?) DSC08761
 Here is Daddy trying out our latest purchase from Craigslist, a coffee percolator. It made really good coffee. It takes a bit longer than our Keurig (haha) but it was worth it. DSC08765
During the night Pumpkin woke up and was very restless. She was sure she saw a polar bear looking in our tent window. Later she saw a big chicken that she thought Peanut was going to ride. And lastly she was sure there was a baby bear outside the tent that we needed to let in. Oh my! We survived the night without an action from the animal world, thankfully. DSC08767
We had breakfast and just enjoyed being together and outside. DSC08770 DSC08771
The skies darkened and we were sure the rain was coming so we packed up our stuff quickly while rain drops began to fall. Wouldn't you know it? It barely rained. On our way home we could tell that some places got quite a bit of rain but it was definitely not enough. We are praying for rain here!

Peanut's favorite thing from this trip was going to the beach.  Pumpkin's favorite thing was looking at the big chicken.  Oh dear!

 Thankful for a good weekend!  

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