Monday, June 25, 2012

Camping Weekend Part 1

This past weekend we met some friends that live in our state capital at a local state park for a weekend of camping...primitive style, pit potties and all. It was awesome. We had a great time and the weather cooperated and was not unbearably hot. Of course I have a bunch of photos. This first post are the pics that I took with my little ol' point and shoot. The second post will have even better pics. I know...two posts about one weekend but this blog is really for my girls and I will want them to have these memories and here we go. We went to the same park that we had gone to for our first camping trip a few weeks ago. We really liked it and wanted to go back.
 Weekend Camping Trip
While visiting the stream and waterfall, we bumped into our old neighbor's from the other apartment complex. Peanut was so excited to see her friend that she hadn't seen since we moved. Weekend Camping Trip
This trip we actually cooked over the fire instead of just roasting hot dogs. Everything tasted so good and turned out really well.
 Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip
I made camper's stew, fried biscuits and Campurritos, all of which were a hit.

 Weekend Camping Trip
We kept the kids entertained with bubbles, frisbee, swimming, playing memory and sidewalk chalk.
 Weekend Camping Trip
They also entertained themselves with the ants. Peanut filled her bucket with dirt then collected some pet ants which she fed and "watered" the whole weekend. Weekend Camping Trip
Weekend Camping Trip
Peanut's favorite thing about this camping trip was going to the swimming pool.

Pumpkin's favorite thing was snoring in her new sleeping bag. Ummm...don't think she snored, but ok!

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