Friday, June 29, 2012

A Busy Week Loaded with Fun

So Peanut had day camp this week which made for a busy week of running her to and from church.  This made for some opportune times for Pumpkin and I to do some fun things together one-on-one.  On Monday I took Pumpkin to a local playground for a picnic and some playtime.  Check out her choice of foot wear for a hot DRY afternoon!
  Lunch Date at the ParkLunch Date at the Park
After picking up Peanut after the first day of camp, we headed to a new place in town with some friends. It is called Jumpin' Joey's. It has 4 big blow-up bounce houses and slides. There are also a bunch of arcades. We had free passes to get in. It was fun but I'm not sure we'll be heading back any time soon. It would be a pretty pricey afternoon if not for the free passes.
 Jumpin' Joey'sJumpin' Joey's
The next day Pumpkin and I headed to a park downtown to listen to an outdoor concert and have a picnic together while Peanut was at camp. Downtown Concert Downtown ConcertDowntown Concert
Wednesday we hit the library which is one of Pumpkin's favorite places. Thursday we babysat for our friends which we do once a week so their mama can work. We also hit the local ice cream joint with Peanut one day after camp and McDonald's another afternoon so the girls could play on the inside playland. Sundae Face Glamour Girl
It was a really fun 4 days packed with fun adventures for all of us. SO thankful for these two sweeties. Needless to say we were all tired but a good tired. Daddy caught us sneaking a nap together one afternoon before supper.
Napping Girls
Today we have nothing until Peanut's camp program this evening. We're taking it easy. There are baby dolls all over the living room floor and little girls running around in their pajamas after feasting over a breakfast of pancakes. We're staying inside away from the triple digit temperatures that are outside and soaking up home. Pumpkin is playing with her baby that she has named "Haha" and Peanut is telling Daddy, "Let's pretend we got married." Tis a good day!

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