Friday, June 29, 2012

A Busy Week Loaded with Fun

So Peanut had day camp this week which made for a busy week of running her to and from church.  This made for some opportune times for Pumpkin and I to do some fun things together one-on-one.  On Monday I took Pumpkin to a local playground for a picnic and some playtime.  Check out her choice of foot wear for a hot DRY afternoon!
  Lunch Date at the ParkLunch Date at the Park
After picking up Peanut after the first day of camp, we headed to a new place in town with some friends. It is called Jumpin' Joey's. It has 4 big blow-up bounce houses and slides. There are also a bunch of arcades. We had free passes to get in. It was fun but I'm not sure we'll be heading back any time soon. It would be a pretty pricey afternoon if not for the free passes.
 Jumpin' Joey'sJumpin' Joey's
The next day Pumpkin and I headed to a park downtown to listen to an outdoor concert and have a picnic together while Peanut was at camp. Downtown Concert Downtown ConcertDowntown Concert
Wednesday we hit the library which is one of Pumpkin's favorite places. Thursday we babysat for our friends which we do once a week so their mama can work. We also hit the local ice cream joint with Peanut one day after camp and McDonald's another afternoon so the girls could play on the inside playland. Sundae Face Glamour Girl
It was a really fun 4 days packed with fun adventures for all of us. SO thankful for these two sweeties. Needless to say we were all tired but a good tired. Daddy caught us sneaking a nap together one afternoon before supper.
Napping Girls
Today we have nothing until Peanut's camp program this evening. We're taking it easy. There are baby dolls all over the living room floor and little girls running around in their pajamas after feasting over a breakfast of pancakes. We're staying inside away from the triple digit temperatures that are outside and soaking up home. Pumpkin is playing with her baby that she has named "Haha" and Peanut is telling Daddy, "Let's pretend we got married." Tis a good day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's that time of year again...CAMP!  Last year was Peanut's first year to go to Camp Preo which is sponsored by our church.  She loved it and has asked periodically throughout this past year when she would get to go again.  After a very busy weekend with camping, I was a bit concerned that the early morning wake-up call would be too early for her.  I was WRONG.  I peaked in her room to a sound asleep little girl and quietly said, "It's time to get up.  It's Camp Preo day."  I have never in my life seen her jump up out bed, go to the bathroom and get changed as fast as she did Monday morning.  She was that excited.  I LOVE that!
Preo 2012

 Off on the big yellow bus she went without a shred of fear!
 Preo 2012Preo 2012 Preo 2012
When I picked her up later in the afternoon, she was ALL smiles. They got to churn butter to use for their snack and make vests. Today they made fruit kabobs and got to go on a hay ride and ride a pony...TWICE! Preo 2012
I love that she has this opportunity and is filling up her memory bank with things like this. More importantly I am so grateful that there are men and women leading this group of kids to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus and using all of the experiences this week to do just that!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Camping Weekend Part 2

Here are the better pictures that my friend took.  She is SO talented.  She is the one who took our family pictures 2 falls ago.  I had to share some of the ones she got because I love them.
Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip

Camping Weekend Part 1

This past weekend we met some friends that live in our state capital at a local state park for a weekend of camping...primitive style, pit potties and all. It was awesome. We had a great time and the weather cooperated and was not unbearably hot. Of course I have a bunch of photos. This first post are the pics that I took with my little ol' point and shoot. The second post will have even better pics. I know...two posts about one weekend but this blog is really for my girls and I will want them to have these memories and here we go. We went to the same park that we had gone to for our first camping trip a few weeks ago. We really liked it and wanted to go back.
 Weekend Camping Trip
While visiting the stream and waterfall, we bumped into our old neighbor's from the other apartment complex. Peanut was so excited to see her friend that she hadn't seen since we moved. Weekend Camping Trip
This trip we actually cooked over the fire instead of just roasting hot dogs. Everything tasted so good and turned out really well.
 Weekend Camping Trip Weekend Camping Trip
I made camper's stew, fried biscuits and Campurritos, all of which were a hit.

 Weekend Camping Trip
We kept the kids entertained with bubbles, frisbee, swimming, playing memory and sidewalk chalk.
 Weekend Camping Trip
They also entertained themselves with the ants. Peanut filled her bucket with dirt then collected some pet ants which she fed and "watered" the whole weekend. Weekend Camping Trip
Weekend Camping Trip
Peanut's favorite thing about this camping trip was going to the swimming pool.

Pumpkin's favorite thing was snoring in her new sleeping bag. Ummm...don't think she snored, but ok!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seeing Planets

Last night we decided to surprise the girls and take them out on the town after bedtime! We headed to our local iconic ice cream place which is a summer ritual for most people here in town and has been since 1933. It is soooo good! Peanut always gets a small rainbow snow cone which is only $0.50. DSC08775

And Pumpkin always wants a vanilla torch cone which is only $0.47! DSC08774
They eat cheap and love it.

Next we headed to a playground to kill some time before our really late night adventure began. At 10:00 p.m. we headed to the university's observatory which was built in 1901 to see some planets.
We were able to see Mars first which was just a bright dot up in the sky. It was neat but didn't blow me away. After everyone saw Mars, they moved the telescope and we got to see Saturn. That was really amazing. It was yellow and we could see the rings around it. When finished Peanut said, "That was super cool!" P6201316
We had a fun night together seeing the amazing creation that God has created for us to enjoy. Pretty awesome! These are pretty spectacular little creations too below, silly albeit!
So thankful for these memories that we get to create with these two amazing little people.  Dobbie got to go with us too which made it even more special!

On a side note, today we made a memory after having to leave the local pool a little earlier than planned when a lifeguard spotted something on the bottom of the pool. Not a fun day to be an on duty lifeguard! Pumpkin especially thought this was hilarious and kept repeating it the whole way home and giggling! "Somebody pooped in the pool!" Thankfully it was not one of my kids!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We have been busy, busy, busy.  We are trying to pack FUN into this summer and we are doing a thorough job.

Monday we spent 3 hours at the local pool since it is blazing hot here.  Three of our little friends showed up so that made it even more fun.

Swimming with Buddies
Swimming with BuddiesSwimming with Buddies
Don't worry, the water wasn't deep so Pumpkin's little friend didn't get totally dunked after their happy hug! Too funny! Swimming with Buddies
Yesterday we had an unexpected play date with a college friend of mine.  I happened to bump into her at our local library last week as she was home visiting her parents.  We made plans for our kids to have a play date and a chance for us to catch up.  She is always a joy to be around.  The kids had so much fun.  Our play date ended up turning into a lunch date also.  What fun!

Today we baby sat for some friends of ours which meant a lot of playing.  Then we headed to McDonald's for another play date with some sweet little girls that we haven't seen in a long time.

All of this fun is great but it sure does make us tired.  Pumpkin has looked like this for 3 hours the past two days! 
DSC08773 We are soaking up summer!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping with P & D

This past weekend we went camping with Dobbie and Papa.  We went to a different camping area that is right on a local lake.  We had a wonderful time.  I do believe that camping is becoming our family's activity.  It does take a lot of work to get ready to do but with each trip it gets easier.  We are adding slowly to our camping stash too so that helps out quite a bit.

It is so dry here. We haven't a good rain in quite some time so the park ranger warned us that there would probably be a fire ban by evening. Well that meant we had to roast hot dogs first thing. How can you go camping and not roast hot dogs over an open fire? Not possible! After our late lunch/early supper we headed off to the beach. The water was really warm and the girls had a blast as did we. DSC08750
(That thing that Pumpkin has on is called a Puddle Jumper and I LOVE IT! It's like floaties and a life vest in one contraption. She can float out in the deeper water with no problems. I recommend it to anyone with a small child who loves to swim. Best purchase I've made all summer.) After swimming we headed back to our camp site to relax, refuel, and just hang out. DSC08759 DSC08760
(Some of us do not like to get our picture taken. Can you tell who?) DSC08761
 Here is Daddy trying out our latest purchase from Craigslist, a coffee percolator. It made really good coffee. It takes a bit longer than our Keurig (haha) but it was worth it. DSC08765
During the night Pumpkin woke up and was very restless. She was sure she saw a polar bear looking in our tent window. Later she saw a big chicken that she thought Peanut was going to ride. And lastly she was sure there was a baby bear outside the tent that we needed to let in. Oh my! We survived the night without an action from the animal world, thankfully. DSC08767
We had breakfast and just enjoyed being together and outside. DSC08770 DSC08771
The skies darkened and we were sure the rain was coming so we packed up our stuff quickly while rain drops began to fall. Wouldn't you know it? It barely rained. On our way home we could tell that some places got quite a bit of rain but it was definitely not enough. We are praying for rain here!

Peanut's favorite thing from this trip was going to the beach.  Pumpkin's favorite thing was looking at the big chicken.  Oh dear!

 Thankful for a good weekend!