Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekend Road Trip

We headed north this past weekend.  We had two reasons to do so:

1.)  See Gigi and play at his house!
2.)  Spend one great day with some of our closest friends before they make a big move west.

We got to see a few friends and family while we were at Gigi's which always is wonderful!  We were spoiled with a home made delicious breakfast by a really good friend.  And one aunt brought us home made applesauce that was still frozen in the favorite thing!

The girls did a lot of playing at Gigi's which is something they have been dying to for quite some time now.  Playhouse Girls
Gigi refurbished his very retro milk shake maker and made the girls homemade milkshakes. Pumpkin gave her stamp of approval. (You can see the maker on the left side of the picture. Isn't it cool?) Gigi's Retro Milk Shake Maker
There was a trip to Steak and Shake which always gets the stamp of approval from the girls!
On Memorial Day Gigi took the girls and us to a small lake near by. This was the first swim of the season for the girls and they had a ball. They did great in the water!
 Memorial Day at the BeachMemorial Day at the Beach Memorial Day at the Beach Memorial Day at the BeachMemorial Day at the Beach
Memorial Day at the Beach Memorial Day at the Beach
After we got back to Gigi's, we ate a fast supper thanks to Pizza Hut (Thanks Gigi!), took showers and had to get on the road to head home. Saying good bye is never the easy part of the trip but we are so thankful for great memories! Gigi's Girls
This picture speaks volumes about the amount of fun we had. Fun all weekend = two very tired little girls! Exhausted Littles
More on our special day with our westward bound friends to come.

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