Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Walk in the Creek

Last Thursday night I picked up my phone and saw that I had missed 5 calls from Gigi. I called him immediately to find out he was in his van on his way to see us! SURPRISE! It was awesome. The girls were over the moon when they saw him since we let it be a surprise for them until he got here. They got to stay up later than usual since Gigi was here. They enjoy that! Pumpkin, Gigi and I enjoyed a morning together while Peanut was in kindergarten. We had breakfast at Steak and Shake, found some deals at Old Navy and let Pumpkin play at the park. The weather was GORGEOUS on Friday so we soaked it up. In the afternoon I planted some flowers in our front flower bed that our complex gives out for free while the girls played out front. This gave Gigi some time to close his eyes and meditate. ;) Then we packed up a picnic and headed to a park that we have not yet been too. I surprised the girls and invited some friends to meet us there to play. Daddy surprised me and gave me my Mother's Day gifts early. He picked out a rice cooker and a food processor (I think Dobbie helped him out on these but tell him I said that...thanks Dobbie). I was surprised as I have always wanted a food processor! Now to test it out. P5110999 
After our picnic we headed to the park. We just had a wonderful time. Our friends showed up and the kids all played so well together. This town is just teeming with awesome playgrounds for families. We still haven't even been to all of them. This might be up there as my new favorite. P5111016 P5111013
After playing and chasing each other we headed to the creek that flows along a trail near the playground.
 This was AWESOME! We had a ball splashing and playing in the cold water, looking for geodes, and watching our kids get soaked. Even the mamas went wading in the creek. It was perfect! DSC08269 P5111046DSC08276 P5111042
Saturday morning we said goodbye to Gigi and we headed off to our state capital for a day of celebrating an awesome woman. More on that to come soon....

Thank you Gigi for surprising us and coming down for a few days. We love and treasure those kinds of surprises! DSC08286

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