Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day of Half Day Kindergarten

Last Day of Half Day Kindergarten
Last Tuesday was Peanut's final day of half day Kindergarten.  We were so very blessed by the school choice we made for her this past year.  It was a perfect fit for our little girl.  She adored her teachers and her school buddies.  There were so many days that I would pick her up and find her a muddy mess from playing in the dirt.  This was a side of her that I didn't expect.  One day I came and found her playing with baby locusts.  Other days she had played family with her friends and not a spot of dirt was on her.  Her teachers said she is the perfect mix of girly girl and tom-boy!
Half Day Kindergarten Graduation
Her last day included a sweet graduation program for the parents. Half Day Kindergarten Graduation
Each student received a great scrapbook of their school year. Such a great way for us to walk down memory lane with Peanut and remember so many fun things she got to do.
 Half Day Kindergarten Graduation
This was her main teacher whom Peanut loved so much. Her other teacher was unable to be at the graduation. We loved her just as much too.

After school we took the girls to Panera Bread to celebrate!
 Half Day Kindergarten GraduationHalf Day Kindergarten Graduation
In the evening we went to celebrate with the entire school at a local playground and have a picnic and cake. Peanut ran all over with her pals and was so full of joy! LOVE! End of School Picnic
We are so thankful for this past year and know we made the right decision for our little girl. The Lord took care of us and provided so we were able to send her to this incredible school. That alone speaks volumes to me that this is where she was supposed to be!
 End of School Picnic

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