Friday, May 25, 2012

We're Going on a Brain Hunt

I am a bit back logged with pictures.  We have had so much going on and have lots of things to share along with pictures.  A couple of weeks ago, Pumpkin and I picked Peanut up from Kindergarten and headed out on an adventure.  We went on a brain hunt.  Chicago has statues of cows, we have brains...22 of them all over town.  The girls and I set out to find at least half of them and ended up finding 13.  We will try to find the rest of them another day this summer.

The trip was a great lesson is art and science.  The pieces were each very unique.  The girls had fun trying to spot them when I warned them that one was close.  Each brain represented a different theme regarding the brain and how it functions.

This was my favorite one.  It was covered in small mirrors that glistened in the sunlight.
Going on a Brain Hunt
The girls really liked this one that looks like it was made in 1980. They loved the bright colors and the headphones on it.
Going on a Brain Hunt
We stopped after the first few to enjoy a picnic in a local park that was home to one of the brains. The park was swarming with big kids from a local school. The girls had fun watching the older kids and their crazy antics. Going on a Brain Hunt
We thought this one was really cool too. It had a fish that had teeth made out of colored pencils which the girls got a kick out of! Going on a Brain Hunt
We stopped at the local children's science museum gardens to smell the flowers and snap two of my current favorite pictures of the girls! Beauty Beauty
And of course a brain hunt must end with play time at a park! We had such a fun day together. I just love these outings with my littles. Going on a Brain Hunt

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