Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekend Road Trip

We headed north this past weekend.  We had two reasons to do so:

1.)  See Gigi and play at his house!
2.)  Spend one great day with some of our closest friends before they make a big move west.

We got to see a few friends and family while we were at Gigi's which always is wonderful!  We were spoiled with a home made delicious breakfast by a really good friend.  And one aunt brought us home made applesauce that was still frozen in the favorite thing!

The girls did a lot of playing at Gigi's which is something they have been dying to for quite some time now.  Playhouse Girls
Gigi refurbished his very retro milk shake maker and made the girls homemade milkshakes. Pumpkin gave her stamp of approval. (You can see the maker on the left side of the picture. Isn't it cool?) Gigi's Retro Milk Shake Maker
There was a trip to Steak and Shake which always gets the stamp of approval from the girls!
On Memorial Day Gigi took the girls and us to a small lake near by. This was the first swim of the season for the girls and they had a ball. They did great in the water!
 Memorial Day at the BeachMemorial Day at the Beach Memorial Day at the Beach Memorial Day at the BeachMemorial Day at the Beach
Memorial Day at the Beach Memorial Day at the Beach
After we got back to Gigi's, we ate a fast supper thanks to Pizza Hut (Thanks Gigi!), took showers and had to get on the road to head home. Saying good bye is never the easy part of the trip but we are so thankful for great memories! Gigi's Girls
This picture speaks volumes about the amount of fun we had. Fun all weekend = two very tired little girls! Exhausted Littles
More on our special day with our westward bound friends to come.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Camping Trip #1 for Summer 2012

The reason why I titled this Camping Trip #1 is because I foresee many camping trips for us this summer.  Last Wednesday was Daddy and I's 14th wedding anniversary.  We didn't have a sitter for the girls though until Thursday night so we decided to take the girls camping and celebrate with them.  We headed to a local state park and on a whim bought an annual park pass since we will be visiting the parks a lot this summer.
Camping Trip
We have only gone camping one other time as a family two summers ago when Pumpkin was just one year old. In fact she and I didn't even stay overnight since she was such an early riser (4:45 a.m.) who liked to scream her head off. We didn't think the other campers would appreciate that. So this was actually our first real camping trip as a family and it was so much fun! Can you believe I am saying that? I can't. I think I really impressed Daddy by actually showing some excitement about our adventure as he could be a camp-aholic.  That was probably the best anniversary gift for him. 
 Camping TripCamping Trip
The park we visited had a small waterfall and stream that ran through it. That was our first stop after setting up our camp site. We had a ball wading in the stream. We saw lots of minnows, water bugs and snails.
Camping Trip
 Camping Trip Camping Trip Camping Trip
After the stream adventure we headed back for supper which of course was hot dogs roasted over an open fire. How can you go camping without roasting hot dogs? They are just so tasty that way? The girls sure thought so. Camping Trip
After supper we headed to the playground for a bit then once the girls got wind of marshmallows, we were on our way back to the camp site to roast them. When we got back I noticed our basket was a bit wonky. Then I noticed a bag of tortilla chips was missing, along with a bag of goldfish crackers AND OUR MARSHMALLOWS! Culprit: Raccoons!
Victim: One 5 year old girl brought to tears over not being able to roast marshmallows.
Rescuer: Mommy who ran into the local town to buy more marshmallows!
 Camping Trip
After marshmallows we took a family visit to the pit potties which did NOT receive the stamp of approval from Peanut who looked straight down them first thing. Rule #1 when primitive camping, "DO NOT ever under any circumstances look into the pit potty!" Then it was time for bed. We only had Daddy's 2 person tent so we squished all in and were very cozy all together. Camping Trip
We had a relatively good night of sleep. One girl woke up at 6:30 a.m. screaming and crying but got settled down and went back to sleep for a bit longer, thankfully! The next wake-up everyone woke up happy.
 Camping TripCamping Trip
(Pumpkin is scoping the scene making sure the "ractoons" were gone after terrorising us all the night before.) Camping Trip
After a yummy breakfast of fruit and oatmeal we tore down the camp site and headed out for a 2 mile hike. Peanut found a snail that she let climb all up her hand and wrist. The slime didn't bother her one bit!
 Camping TripCamping Trip
The girls did great. Pumpkin had to be held the last leg of the hike but that was all. Camping TripCamping Trip
We had a wonderful time. This park was really set up well for tent camping which makes me want to go back which makes Daddy very happy. The girls were awesome and had a ball. It was just a great way to start our summer vacation!
 Camping TripCamping Trip Camping Trip Camping Trip
Happy Anniversary, Honey!!! Camping Trip

Last Day of Half Day Kindergarten

Last Day of Half Day Kindergarten
Last Tuesday was Peanut's final day of half day Kindergarten.  We were so very blessed by the school choice we made for her this past year.  It was a perfect fit for our little girl.  She adored her teachers and her school buddies.  There were so many days that I would pick her up and find her a muddy mess from playing in the dirt.  This was a side of her that I didn't expect.  One day I came and found her playing with baby locusts.  Other days she had played family with her friends and not a spot of dirt was on her.  Her teachers said she is the perfect mix of girly girl and tom-boy!
Half Day Kindergarten Graduation
Her last day included a sweet graduation program for the parents. Half Day Kindergarten Graduation
Each student received a great scrapbook of their school year. Such a great way for us to walk down memory lane with Peanut and remember so many fun things she got to do.
 Half Day Kindergarten Graduation
This was her main teacher whom Peanut loved so much. Her other teacher was unable to be at the graduation. We loved her just as much too.

After school we took the girls to Panera Bread to celebrate!
 Half Day Kindergarten GraduationHalf Day Kindergarten Graduation
In the evening we went to celebrate with the entire school at a local playground and have a picnic and cake. Peanut ran all over with her pals and was so full of joy! LOVE! End of School Picnic
We are so thankful for this past year and know we made the right decision for our little girl. The Lord took care of us and provided so we were able to send her to this incredible school. That alone speaks volumes to me that this is where she was supposed to be!
 End of School Picnic

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bowling Birthday

Last Sunday Peanut was invited to a birthday party at the university's bowling alley for one of her kindergarten friends.  Daddy had the honor of escorting her to the special event.  This was just her second time to go bowling.  She had quite a bit of fun!  She is our little social butterfly!
Bowling Birthday PartyBowling Birthday Party
Pretty strong girl holding her own ball!
Bowling Birthday Party Bowling Birthday Party

The Creek

The creek is quickly becoming one of our favorite things to do in town.  The girls have a ball walking up and down it.  They squeal with delight when they fall into the cool water.  I think we love it as much as they do.

We had a last minute picnic there with Dobbie and Papa a few nights ago.  The creek didn't let us down.  It was alot of fun.

The Creek with Dobbie and PapaThe Creek with Dobbie and Papa
 The Creek with Dobbie and PapaThe Creek with Dobbie and Papa
Our flower bed in front of our apartment has become a rock garden as well with all of the treasures that the girls find at the creek to bring home.