Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making Easter Meaningful

This year we really delved into the real meaning of Easter with the girls, more than we have in past years. I think because Peanut really gets it alot more and has made a personal decision to believe in God. We read from our Jesus Storybook Bible each night the stories that led up to the Easter story. (If you are looking for a great childrens' Bible, this is the one.)

Pumpkin and I went to a Seder playdate with some friends. It was a touching time to watch a table full of children take in the symbols of the Seder together even at such young ages. Our hostess read the book The Miracles of the Passover to help explain what Passover is and how it correlates to Easter.
I was so moved by this time together that I got all of the elements and we had our own family Seder that same night. We were going to do it with some special friends on the weekend but they went and had a baby. ;)
I borrowed the book that was read at our play date so Daddy could read it to the girls while we took in the meal. HERE is where you can find what is served at a Seder meal. We had a few things different but close enough.
The girls and I also made an Easter garden from a picture that I had seen on Facebook.
You can pretty much tell how to make one from the picture. I did have the girls color pieces of white cloth with red marker to put inside the tomb to represent the blood that Christ shed for us and put a rock in front of the tomb.
We also put a black cloth on the middle cross to represent Christ's death.
On Easter morning when the girls found the garden the stone was rolled away. The cloths with red that were inside were gone and the cross had a purple cloth to represent that Christ is indeed the King of Kings. (We did plant grass but it has not grown yet.)
On Easter morning we made Resurrection rolls to celebrate! I got the recipe and idea how to explain what we were doing from HERE. The girls were amazed that the marshmallow that we had put inside was gone just like Christ was gone from the tomb.
The other big thing we did was Resurrection Eggs. I made my own set after having used a set for years as a preschool teacher. The girls loved this. It really makes the story come to life for them to have little objects in each egg that represent a part of the big story of Easter.

We attended our church's Good Friday service. It was a powerful thing for all of us to watch the cross brought in draped in black and to sing the songs that are so powerful about the death of our Savior.

We of course did the other normal Easter things like coloring eggs, Easter baskets filled with goodies, getting all dressed up for Easter morning, and an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon.





The other night the girls were playing and Peanut told Pumpkin that something (I can't remember what now) wasn't real. Pumpkin looked up and said, "But Tesus (Jesus) is real!" All of the work, all of it was worth it! They both learned and they both grasped a bit of what Easter is all about. That is the most important thing.

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Joy ☺ said...

Aww. This made me cry. And feel quite convicted. You are an awesome mommy Mindums! I hid an Easter basket and had Dawson do a treasure hunt to find and he didn't even want to go to church! Buy by golly, I'm going to start reading him the book of Psalms. :)