Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break

Last week was spring break.  Daddy, his brother, and Papa all went camping together near Look Out Mountain in TN.  They had a wonderful time and I am so glad they got to do it. 

The girls and I spent the weekend with Dobbie showing her all of our favorite places in Bloomington.  She totally spoiled us and took us out for lunches and ice cream.  We hit up The Red Mango...YUM!  If you haven't been to one and have one near you, GO! 

We even had a slumber party at her house! It was a great weekend. We love girls' weekends!

On Monday the girls and I headed to Gigi's. We had a wonderful time. It was a very FULL visit. We saw lots of friends and family (although we never get to see everyone that we'd love to see). The girls got to play outside quite a bit as the weather was gorgeous! We ate breakfast at a yummy little Amish restaurant that had outstanding biscuits and gravy and pancakes.
It was warnm enough that Gigi took us to a fun little playground that was on a small beach. The girls had a BALL!


As always it was too short a visit but a great one! We sufficiently wore out the girls, so you know it's a good one when they're exhausted!
Happy Spring!

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