Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Silly One

This is the silly post left-over from spring break. I have these two friends that I try to squeeze in coffee time with whenever I head north. They are sweet, they are funny, and they are loyal. I am so thankful for them and thankful that they always make time for me and have made a couple trips here just to see us! Anywho...we spent an afternoon together while I was up for spring break.

We ate at a really yummy Mexican restaurant. Afterwards we pathetically tried to take our picture with extended arms in front of the restaurant. The waitress saw how pathetic our photography skills were and came out to off up some help. BUT I liked the extended arm version, so here you be...
After a delicious lunch the three of crammed into the front of my MINIVAN...yes, we all crammed into the front. Why was that again? I don't know...we're crazy. But we headed to see the small town's biggest buzz. A historic building had burned down just a few days prior so we had to check it out. This building was just a block away from our home when we lived there. It was sad to see what was left of the rubble. We did feel like paparazzi though trying to get the best shot.
Nice way to have your mouth open there, Miss "Some Days are Like That." ;)

Then we were off to check out the shops. This town has the hippest shop around. It's brand new and owned by a girl that I went to the same church as growing up. She is doing a fantastic job. The shop is awesome! It is called Ely Lane...make sure you like her on Facebook. She posts pics of the awesome stuff she gets in which makes me want to jump in my van and go back, but then I remember that gas is now $4.15 and think better of it.
We checked a couple of consignment stores along the way too. The gals found some really rad outfits...but nothing was bought. How lame are we?
We did stumble on a men's sweater that was a mere $245 IN A CONSIGNMENT STORE!!!! What in the world? We all wanted to buy it, so we just decided that no one should.
I did find this awesome Barbie lamp that I really wanted to get for the girls' room.
I thought better of it because it looked more like a nightmare inducing lamp than a sweet, nice lamp. Strange stuff!
Some of us get REALLY excited about window shopping too.
I had a grand time in my old town. I do miss it. I have special memories of that place that I will always treasure in my heart.
More importantly I have special friends that I look forward to seeing whenever I can.
Thanks ladies!!!! Oh and by the way...I think I win the battle of the blogs since I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO POSTED ABOUT OUR AFTERNOON! ;)

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Annabel said...

looks like a lovely time with some lovely friends!