Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peanut's Paintings

These are two paintings that Peanut did at kindergarten.  Daddy posted them on Facebook and they got some positive feedback that I want to record here for her.

The first one was a skunk according to Peanut.
Peanut's First Painting
"Lovely use of color and a well-balanced composition." (from an artist friend)
"Pretty impressive for a five(?) year old."
"I'm impressed (no pun intended)! This is better than half the stuff hanging up in art galleries these days."

This was her second painting.
Peanut's painting
"Wow! What a talented girl!"
"I see a Monet in the making."
"Unhesitating use of colors...way to go!"
"I would definitely buy this if I saw it for sale somewhere. It rocks!"

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