Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Family Visit

This past weekend my aunt, her daughter-in-law (my cousin) and her daughter (my second cousin) all came to visit. It was AWESOME! I love to entertain just as much as I love to have visitors. It just makes you feel really special when someone gets in their car to come and see you.
We had a wonderful time together. We hit some really great shops here in town. I think everyone found something that they really wanted. We also got to see The Hunger Games. We all were fans of the book trilogy (well, maybe not my aunt, but she was a great sport). When we realized they would be here on opening weekend for the movie we knew the movie had to be included in the visit. We saw it on Friday night. Thirty minutes into the movie I started getting texts from Dobbie and Hubby saying the tornado sirens were going off and there was a warning. A few minutes later we were all herded into another theater to wait out the worst of the storm. Then we had to wait for the warning to pass. After an hour we got to finish our movie. We did have to help out a woman who had 5 boys with her, one of whom passed out! So to say that our evening was uneventful would be an understatement!
The movie was good. We all thought they did a great job following the book and that it was cast really well.

On to Saturday, we headed to a near by quaint arts and craft village for the day. The weather was PERFECT. I had to take the littles with us and they did really great! I was really proud of them since visiting craft shops isn't their favorite thing to do.
Two cute stories from our day out. We walked into this antique shop and Peanut saw these two paintings and said, "These were our Predidents (presidents)." I said she was right and proceeded to say, "The one with the white hair is George Washington and the other one is..." She interrupted with, "Abe Lincoln. We learned about them in Kindergarten. I think George looks younger."
We walked into another shop that was full of wrought iron wall hanging and shelves. The sort of thing you see at Hobby Lobby where Pumpkin and I spend alot of time while Peanut is in Kindergarten. After walking into this shop, Pumpkin yelled, "This is just like Lobby Lobby!" Thankfully the owner thought it was funny and got a kick out the comparison.

It was an awesome time with our family. I am so glad they got to come and look forward to their next visit!

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