Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prayer for my Friend

Tomorrow my best friend will be boarding a plane in Chicago with her 12 year old daughter and heading to India for a 3 week stay. She will be working alongside a midwife who serves in India. Her daughter will be working with children in a day school. Please if you feel so , them up in prayer. Pray for a safe trip, for life changing moments, and for her husband and son who will stay at home. This is an amazing opportunity for her as she is in her final weeks of medical school and will be graduating on May 12 as an OB/GYN DOCTOR! I am so, so, so proud of her! Her daughter is pretty awesome too!
One of the most meaningful moments of my trip north this past spring break was a 3 hour visit with her at Panera Bread. The reality of her family's next step which is moving to Tacoma, Washington set in and there were many tears. It was one of our last visits and it made it that much more precious to me. I love her so much and am so thankful for her friendship. Life keeps us busy (hers is quite a bit busier than mine) and we don't connect as often as we would love to, but she is on my mind so often and always close to my heart.

She is going to be an amazing doctor. It is obvious that this is the calling that God has on her life! She is also going to be used in mighty ways these next 3 weeks as is her precious daughter.

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us." 2 Corinthians 4:7

Friday, March 30, 2012

She's 3!

March 30, 2009 at 6:24 p.m. you arrived in a little body that was 7 lb. 9 oz. and 19 inches long.
First contact
We could not imagine life without you.
Our first family (of four) photo
You are 3 today. How did that happen? You are my baby but you are not a baby anymore. You are such a big girl with a flare for independence and drama. We will never have to question how you are feeling because you wear your emotions on your shirt sleeve.
Fancy Pants!
You are our own personal tour guide as we drive around town, pointing out the important places like IU, the "toffee" place (Starbucks), "tinderdarden" (Peanut's kindergarten), "my lip place" (the urgent care where you had your lip stitched a year ago after falling off our bed), "turch" (church), "Lobby, Lobby" (Hobby Lobby), "Togurt" (Target), and "Toger" (Kroger) among many other landmarks.
Lotus Festival
You LOVE Rapunzel and Curious George. You LOVE to play in the sandbox and get sand in every knook and cranny of your sweet little body. You LOVE to cut and cut and cut. We could start a confetti company with all of the paper that you cut each day. Coloring books are for cutting, not coloring in your mind.
You LOVE to be tickled and play monsters because you also love Monsters, Inc. You LOVE to sing any song you can make up or remember. You LOVE smoothies and it is how I get green stuff in you whenever we have them. (Yes, I pack them full of spinach and you have no idea.) You pick every green thing out of your food and are a pretty picky eater. You LOVE macaroni and cheese.
Your most treasured item is your "B" (blanket) that Dobbie gave to us before you were born.
4th of July
Now that you're 3 we'll be working on big girl things like potty training and sleeping in a big girl bed. Once you've mastered those things, you really will be a big girl.
Silly Faces
You are just plain amazing. You make us laugh everyday. You push our buttons everyday. You have a will that is stronger than no other. I have to remind myself alot that will be an incredible quality as you grow up. You love to be ornery and will probably be quite a prankster as you get older. You are fearless too.
Nature Hike
Your smile lights up the room just as it has since your first smile. You have a twinkle in your eyes that has been there since we first laid eyes on you. Your little crescent moon eyes are still there when you get a big grin.
Date with Pumpkin
We love you to the moon and back, little girl. We always have and we always will!
Happy 3rd Birthday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Family Visit

This past weekend my aunt, her daughter-in-law (my cousin) and her daughter (my second cousin) all came to visit. It was AWESOME! I love to entertain just as much as I love to have visitors. It just makes you feel really special when someone gets in their car to come and see you.
We had a wonderful time together. We hit some really great shops here in town. I think everyone found something that they really wanted. We also got to see The Hunger Games. We all were fans of the book trilogy (well, maybe not my aunt, but she was a great sport). When we realized they would be here on opening weekend for the movie we knew the movie had to be included in the visit. We saw it on Friday night. Thirty minutes into the movie I started getting texts from Dobbie and Hubby saying the tornado sirens were going off and there was a warning. A few minutes later we were all herded into another theater to wait out the worst of the storm. Then we had to wait for the warning to pass. After an hour we got to finish our movie. We did have to help out a woman who had 5 boys with her, one of whom passed out! So to say that our evening was uneventful would be an understatement!
The movie was good. We all thought they did a great job following the book and that it was cast really well.

On to Saturday, we headed to a near by quaint arts and craft village for the day. The weather was PERFECT. I had to take the littles with us and they did really great! I was really proud of them since visiting craft shops isn't their favorite thing to do.
Two cute stories from our day out. We walked into this antique shop and Peanut saw these two paintings and said, "These were our Predidents (presidents)." I said she was right and proceeded to say, "The one with the white hair is George Washington and the other one is..." She interrupted with, "Abe Lincoln. We learned about them in Kindergarten. I think George looks younger."
We walked into another shop that was full of wrought iron wall hanging and shelves. The sort of thing you see at Hobby Lobby where Pumpkin and I spend alot of time while Peanut is in Kindergarten. After walking into this shop, Pumpkin yelled, "This is just like Lobby Lobby!" Thankfully the owner thought it was funny and got a kick out the comparison.

It was an awesome time with our family. I am so glad they got to come and look forward to their next visit!

The Silly One

This is the silly post left-over from spring break. I have these two friends that I try to squeeze in coffee time with whenever I head north. They are sweet, they are funny, and they are loyal. I am so thankful for them and thankful that they always make time for me and have made a couple trips here just to see us! Anywho...we spent an afternoon together while I was up for spring break.

We ate at a really yummy Mexican restaurant. Afterwards we pathetically tried to take our picture with extended arms in front of the restaurant. The waitress saw how pathetic our photography skills were and came out to off up some help. BUT I liked the extended arm version, so here you be...
After a delicious lunch the three of crammed into the front of my MINIVAN...yes, we all crammed into the front. Why was that again? I don't know...we're crazy. But we headed to see the small town's biggest buzz. A historic building had burned down just a few days prior so we had to check it out. This building was just a block away from our home when we lived there. It was sad to see what was left of the rubble. We did feel like paparazzi though trying to get the best shot.
Nice way to have your mouth open there, Miss "Some Days are Like That." ;)

Then we were off to check out the shops. This town has the hippest shop around. It's brand new and owned by a girl that I went to the same church as growing up. She is doing a fantastic job. The shop is awesome! It is called Ely Lane...make sure you like her on Facebook. She posts pics of the awesome stuff she gets in which makes me want to jump in my van and go back, but then I remember that gas is now $4.15 and think better of it.
We checked a couple of consignment stores along the way too. The gals found some really rad outfits...but nothing was bought. How lame are we?
We did stumble on a men's sweater that was a mere $245 IN A CONSIGNMENT STORE!!!! What in the world? We all wanted to buy it, so we just decided that no one should.
I did find this awesome Barbie lamp that I really wanted to get for the girls' room.
I thought better of it because it looked more like a nightmare inducing lamp than a sweet, nice lamp. Strange stuff!
Some of us get REALLY excited about window shopping too.
I had a grand time in my old town. I do miss it. I have special memories of that place that I will always treasure in my heart.
More importantly I have special friends that I look forward to seeing whenever I can.
Thanks ladies!!!! Oh and by the way...I think I win the battle of the blogs since I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO POSTED ABOUT OUR AFTERNOON! ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break

Last week was spring break.  Daddy, his brother, and Papa all went camping together near Look Out Mountain in TN.  They had a wonderful time and I am so glad they got to do it. 

The girls and I spent the weekend with Dobbie showing her all of our favorite places in Bloomington.  She totally spoiled us and took us out for lunches and ice cream.  We hit up The Red Mango...YUM!  If you haven't been to one and have one near you, GO! 

We even had a slumber party at her house! It was a great weekend. We love girls' weekends!

On Monday the girls and I headed to Gigi's. We had a wonderful time. It was a very FULL visit. We saw lots of friends and family (although we never get to see everyone that we'd love to see). The girls got to play outside quite a bit as the weather was gorgeous! We ate breakfast at a yummy little Amish restaurant that had outstanding biscuits and gravy and pancakes.
It was warnm enough that Gigi took us to a fun little playground that was on a small beach. The girls had a BALL!


As always it was too short a visit but a great one! We sufficiently wore out the girls, so you know it's a good one when they're exhausted!
Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bike Riding!

Love this picture of my sweet bike riders!
Sisters Riding Bikes

Peanut's Paintings

These are two paintings that Peanut did at kindergarten.  Daddy posted them on Facebook and they got some positive feedback that I want to record here for her.

The first one was a skunk according to Peanut.
Peanut's First Painting
"Lovely use of color and a well-balanced composition." (from an artist friend)
"Pretty impressive for a five(?) year old."
"I'm impressed (no pun intended)! This is better than half the stuff hanging up in art galleries these days."

This was her second painting.
Peanut's painting
"Wow! What a talented girl!"
"I see a Monet in the making."
"Unhesitating use of colors...way to go!"
"I would definitely buy this if I saw it for sale somewhere. It rocks!"

Morning Ritual

This is a part of my morning ritual just about every morning...the cutest part.
Morning Ritual

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pucker Up!

She is so cute and she has the best kisser around!!!!
Pucker Up!
And she loves her baby dolls so much!
Mama and Her Dolls
(But not quite as much as we love her!)