Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We were asked to go to our local children's science museum with some friends to help celebrate their son's birthday a couple of weeks ago. We really do have a great treasure here in our community in this museum. It is the perfect size and has so many fun hands-on activities for the kids to do and to learn from.

They got to dig for fossils.
Celebrating a Buddy's Birthday

Check out a life size dinosaur.
Celebrating a Buddy's Birthday

Play with colored sticks on a light table and see the different color combinations that can be made.
Celebrating a Buddy's Birthday

And of course play in the huge water table.
Celebrating a Buddy's Birthday

We really do need to take advantage of this treasure more often. It is a great place!

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Joy ☺ said...

Where does that bright blonde hair come from?
We need a museum hair. One that is not for gambling. Otherwise, I might need to teach my kids to gamble in order to have fun stuff to do.