Monday, February 27, 2012


This takes place at least once a day in our house with the music jacked up!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This morning we spent some time with Dobbie and Papa and went out for lunch.  At lunch we "taught" Pumpkin how to wink.  She associated it with saying "Oink, Oink!"  So if you ask her to wink at you she will try to squint one eye shut and make a pig noise.  It is hilarious!  She cracks us up all of the time!

Here is her attempting to wink!

Here is Peanut who is a master winker!

These girls are just the best. I love the little memories that we make with them each day like learning how to wink.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Spur of the Moment Surprise

Last week I had heard that a nearby Children's Museum was having a free admission day on President's Day.  I kept that nugget tucked in my head and decided that we needed to go.  I knew we would be there along with a whole bunch of other people but really had no idea just how many people there would be.  Wow!  When we turned the corner, I began to second guess my plan but I stuck to my guns, had a long talk with the girls about staying right with Mommy and did it!  We had a ball!

There were some exhibits that we just couldn't get into because it was a 45 minute wait or longer but we got to see enough. The girls didn't care or even realize there were things we didn't get to do. They did get to see the Barbie exhibit and loved that!
Children's MuseumChildren's Museum
Peanut watched Despicable Me last week and started asking questions about the pyramids which led into a conversation about Egypt. Today at the museum there was a huge exhibit dedicated to Egypt. That was really neat for her to see "first hand" what life is like in Egypt.
Children's MuseumDSC07876
My two little race car drivers didn't slow down a bit all afternoon and stayed right with me. I was so proud of them.

Children's Museum

One of my favorite things in the museum....the tower of glass. It is gorgeous! Then on the bottom level you look up into it. It is just amazing! Peanut is sitting on the revolving chair looking up at the array of colors!
Children's Museum

The girls had alot of fun pretending to be archaeologists and digging for ancient treasures.
Children's Museum

Children's MuseumChildren's Museum

Peanut had fun pretending she was a dinosaur and keeping her eggs nice and warm in the dinosaur exhibit.
Children's Museum

The girls got to climb the ancient Chichén-Itzá, Pyramid of Kukulcán in Mexico. Ok, so maybe it's not the real thing but it was cool. They also walked The Great Wall of China and sat in the Roman Colosseum.
Children's Museum

We had a great day. Both girls said their favorite thing was the big steam locomotive that sounded like it was really going down the tracks. (Peanut was not that impressed while actually viewing it and Pumpkin cried the whole time! Ha!) Both sets of those little legs walked the whole museum! They kept right on cruising till the museum closed!

Children's Museum
I love days like today!

Child of God

Peanut made a life changing decision a few weeks ago on Sunday, January 29 at bedtime. Before bed as we were getting ready she was pretending and imagining she had a friend who was a good person but she wasn't sure he loved Jesus. It spurred on a conversation between us. I asked her, "Can you get to Heaven just by doing good things?" She knew that you could not. Then she said, "I want to pray tonight, Mom. I want to ask Jesus to live in my heart."

I knew that Daddy would want to be there so I told her we would wait and see if Daddy made it home since he was gone. Wouldn't you know it, he got home just as I tucked her into bed to say our bedtime prayers.

We got to be with her, holding her hands as she asked Jesus to live in her heart. Immediately afterwards she was very concerned about Pumpkin and wanted to know when she would be ready to do the same thing. She has such a tender heart!

She has been so close to making this decision for some time. Knowing that Mimi is in Heaven has opened so many doors and helped her understand more than most kids her age. We have talked numerous times in the past 3 1/2 years since she died about how she lives in Heaven now because she had asked Jesus to live in her heart. This has been a path to knowledge for Peanut. Mimi's death has brought eternal life to her granddaughter. I know she was smiling down on us that night thrilled that someday she will get to be with her Peanut who sat on her bed and loved on her while she was so sick.
Nature Hike
Matthew 19:14 "Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'"

Peanut and I share a love for Sara Groves. This is one of our favorite songs and appropriate for what He means to us.

Family Hike

Yesterday some good friends of ours came down from the local city that they live in to go hiking with us.  We hiked probably close to 1 1/2 miles.  That's about all we can do when we take the littles. 
Peanut did awesome but did have Daddy carry her a little bit of the hike.  Pumpkin hiked the whole thing! 
So thankful for their rubber boots as it was very muddy!
We spent the rest of our evening eating some awesome Chicken Chili (my BFF's incredible recipe). The guys played Carcassone and the girls watched Man Vs. Food. Dobbie and Papa even dropped in for supper.

A good day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Did you know that Rapunzel lives at our house nearly everyday?  She is pretty cute!  She even breaks out in song from her movie Tangled.  "Mother knows best, take it from your Mumzie."


Family Meet-Up

On Friday we were able to meet up with Daddy's sister, brother and sister-in-law.  We were able to hang out for quite awhile and just catch up.  It was such a great time.  Our littles were the only kiddos that were able to come along so they got the extra special treatment from their aunts and uncle.
The girls' uncle really spoiled them by buying them each a Cinnabon milkshake. They were over the moon (literally after that sugar rush..Ha!).
We met at a mall so the girls would have space to run. This helped immensely. There was a huge fountain with a large sitting area that we sort of took over. They just ran and ran, while we talked and talked.
This here is a pretty good looking group, now isn't it! This is Daddy's sister and his brother.
We love them all so much and are so grateful we got to see them even if just for an evening!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Week

On Monday we had a very special visit! It involved Steak and Shake, some special shopping time, some relaxing and just enjoying being together.
(Peanut is showing Gigi her caterpillars that she has been observing at Kindergarten. She named them after herself and her sister.)

It was also Peanut's 100th day of school so she had a big celebration at school. She had to bring a 100 day project. She chose to make a necklace out of 100 beads. She did AWESOME at counting the beads and stringing all of them.

On Tuesday we celebrated Valentine's Day. The girls woke up to pink heart shaped pancakes before heading to Kindergarten. Peanut was so excited to take the valentines she had made for her classmates and to show off her cute heart hair do!


After Kindergarten the girls got to have heart sandwiches for lunch. Later in the day we headed to Dobbie and Papa's house to make Valentine cookies. (I don't think I have mentioned it here yet but Dobbie and Papa decided to move here. They have been here just a couple of weeks and we are thoroughly enjoying having them close by.)

A week of celebrations and fun! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We were asked to go to our local children's science museum with some friends to help celebrate their son's birthday a couple of weeks ago. We really do have a great treasure here in our community in this museum. It is the perfect size and has so many fun hands-on activities for the kids to do and to learn from.

They got to dig for fossils.
Celebrating a Buddy's Birthday

Check out a life size dinosaur.
Celebrating a Buddy's Birthday

Play with colored sticks on a light table and see the different color combinations that can be made.
Celebrating a Buddy's Birthday

And of course play in the huge water table.
Celebrating a Buddy's Birthday

We really do need to take advantage of this treasure more often. It is a great place!

Star Wars

Peanut has been asking to watch Star Wars for a few months now. I think it started when she heard one of her boy buddies talking about it. Then when she mentioned it to Daddy he couldn't wait to show it to her as it was his FAVORITE movie series ever when he was little. After an incredibly busy month, we set aside Friday night for STAR WARS! Peanut was so excited. I didn't know what to expect because there are some crazy creatures in the movies so we prepped her for that.
(I hate that this picture is so blurry! But it was a moment that needed captured.)
She loved them. She watched IV, V and VI between Friday night and Saturday morning. She was very worried about "Dark Vadar". She just knew he was going to be nice at the end! Her favorite one was The Empire Strikes Back which was also Daddy's favorite so that made him so proud. She did like the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi though.
Daddy surprised her and took her to see Episode I in 3-D in the theatre on Saturday night. Quite the culmination to a weekend full of Star Wars. It was fun to see Daddy and daughter share something like that together. It was fun for me to watch them again too. They do bring back memories!


I am a big fan of Pinterest.  I think I mention that site in many of my posts but I find such great ideas there!  This one was a hit.  All you need is a dollar tube of glow sticks from the dollar bin at Target, two little girls excited about a special bath surprise (or anyone really who likes baths), and a dark bathroom.  Throw the glow sticks in the water and let the fun begin.  The girls LOVED this one so much!  So easy, so cheap!
Glow Sticks


I have made some things over the past couple of months that I wanted to share.  I love sewing but don't get to do it much with our crazy schedule and the two littles.  Someday I will have a craft room.  I will be able to have all of my things out and just close the door.  It will be mine...all mine.  For now I have things stored all over our apartment.  It's just more work to get everything out sometimes than making whatever it is I want to make.  But I do love the gift of something home made.  I feel that God has given me a love for creating things when I have the opportunity and I love being able to share it when I can.  And with everything I make comes a little bit more practice and perfecting of my errors.

One of the things I made alot of at Christmas was journal covers for composition books.  I think I have made at least 7 or 8 of them.  I love them so much.  It's the perfect thing for someone who journals.  They can just get a new composition book and use the cover over and over. (Tutorial can be found HERE.)
Homemade Journal CoverChristmas 2011
I even gave the book One Thousand Gifts by Anne Voskamp with a couple of the journals so they could be used to write down the person's gifts from the Lord. If you have not read that book, you need to. Life Changing! It spoke so deeply to me about being content and thankful with what I have right now, today and seeing everything as gift from God. I have never read a book like hers. She is an artist with her words. It is amazing and so beautiful. It is a book I will go to over and over again. I have so much of it highlighted because it just hits you between the eyes. I can't say ENOUGH about it. I want to start making a list with the girls too so they come to know the gift gratitude.

The past couple of weeks I made some coloring book crayon totes for a friend for her daughters' birthday party. The colors were hot pink, black and gold. These were so fun to make! It was my first paid sewing job and it made me feel awesome! (Tutorial can be found HERE.)
Coloring Book Crayon Totes

Last year and this year I made rice packs. Rice packs are awesome. We have one and I use it alot. You just heat it up to put on sore muscles or aching heads. You can also pop it in the freezer and make it cold if cold is what you need. These are always a hit and SO easy to make!  (Tutorial can be found HERE.)
Hot Rice Pack

For Peanut's teachers we made these cute colorful felt circle Christmas trees. I cut out the circles and Peanut helped hand sew them together. They were adorable. This is something I found on Pinterest.  (Tutorial can be found HERE.)

Each year I try to make the girls one handmade gift for Christmas. This years didn't turn out quite the way I wanted them too. I had gotten the idea at a shop in town. Yes, I am one of those people who sees things and says, "I don't need to buy that. I can make it." I should have paid closer attention to the details because what was supposed to be a lion turned out to look more like an owl! Ha! You win some and you lose some. The girls love them so that is all that matters and they are cute either way.
Lions or Owls????
So that is what I have been crafting lately. Pinterest has filled me with all sorts of ideas for things to make.