Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

So on January 25 we celebrated Robert Burns' birthday and on January 26 we celebrated Daddy's birthday with our friends.  We have had some great times with them in the past few months and this was just an extra special week of celebrating and being together. 

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy got a special meal. I always love planning out the perfect meal for him. He is not picky so it is fun to try out new recipes and I always try to pick out things that I know he would love. This year I had the added addition of a restricted diet but I able to find some great "pinspiration" on Pinterest. We had Baked Dijon Salmon (thank you to Kroger for having an AWESOME sale on fresh salmon!), Greek Zucchini Fritters, roasted garlic couscous, and instead of birthday cake a special birthday Blackberry Pie. They were all keeper recipes! Love it when that happens!
Happy Birthday Daddy!
We even played Daddy's new favorite game Carcassonne. As he told a friend today, he is "nerding out" over it. He is obsessed! After the festivities of our meal and game, he and his buddy played a few games on their own with their extension packs!
Happy Birthday Daddy!
We love you so much Hubby and Daddy! We praise the Lord for who you are to each of us. You are an INCREDIBLE father. These little girls we are blessed with will never doubt your love for them for even a minute!
So here are 36 random things that I love about you:
1. You love God.
2. You don't back down on your beliefs.
3. You run around playing like a crazy man playing "Monster" with the girls inducing the world's loudest giggles from them!
4. You've taught me to love music that I probably would have never given a chance.
5. You love our girls to the moon and back a bazillion times over.
6. You love what your are pursuing.
7. You don't let your dreams die.
8. You teach our girls what it means to love other people.
9. You make time for us even in this crazy, hectic time of life.
10. You still know how to make me laugh and giggle.
11. You love to unwind with a movie and me.
12. You know how to fix my computer issues when I have no clue.
13. You push me when I need to be pushed (even if I whine and there are tears involved).
14. You beam with pride when our girls do the simplest things, spurring on their confidence!
15. You teach the girls that they can do ANYTHING!
16. You tackle insurance because you know it overwhelms me.
17. You let me have time away when I might come close to losing it.
18. You love your family.
19. You love history and make it an important part of our lives.
20. You have taken this new path concerning your health seriously and are changing what you can on!
21. You support me in my passion to be home with our girls.
22. You help me make our home just that, a home even if it is a tiny apartment.
23. You are a computer whiz.
24. You love people just for who they are not for what others think they should be.
25. You wash the dishes when I just need a break.
26. You take out the trash for me.
27. You don't just settle for things.
28. You remind me constantly that He will take care of us and not leave us hang.
29. You are brave in the midst of what we are faced with right now.
30. You work above and beyond in school.
31. You take the bus so I can have the van to run the girls around.
32. You will eat anything I make for you and usually like it!
33. You are teaching me to enjoy strategy games (slowly but surely).
34. You take our girls on dates so they know how special they are to you.
35. You love me.
36. You helped me create two of the most amazing girls on the planet!


shannon fay said...

Like like! You two have come so far and it has been such a blessing to grow up with you and know your beautiful family. Love you so much <3

Melanie N. Brasher said...

oh, this is so beautiful! Love this! And wow, that pie looks amazing!