Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birthday Surprise

I have a really great post to write but not one good picture of the event to post.  Isn't that sad?  You know you like to blog your life, when you are really bummed that you forgot your camera!

Friday afternoon my hubby took the girls for a walk (since it was in the 50' JANUARY).  Before he left he told me that I might want to get myself ready for a night out.  When they got home Peanut was giddy with excitement and told me I had a surprise! 

I was all ready but there sat my hubby who didn't seem in any hurry to get ready to go.  Hmmm....then there was a knock at the door.  When it opened, there stood two of my dear friends from our little town.  They were all dressed up and ready to take me out for a night on the town!  I was overwhelmed and felt so loved at by this sweet surprise. 

One of them contacted Hubby that week and said they wanted to surprise me and be ready for Friday night!

They took me to (in my opinion) one of the BEST restaurants in our town.  It is soooo good.  I have only eaten there once for breakfast and three times for lunch.  This was my first time to eat off the scrumptious supper menu.  The Food Network has declared one of their hamburgers the BEST burger in our humble state.

We had a ball talking, giggling, and just being together.  They kept asking what I wanted to do next and I did not care one little bit.  I was so blessed by their surprise that nothing else really was important.  After dessert (free birthday carrot cake) we headed to do a bit of shopping before calling it a night.

I just need to say that on top of taking me out and blessing me, they had to pay babysitters to watch their kiddos because both of their hubbies were out of town.  They didn't even bat an eye about this but we all know that babysitters are not cheap!

Thank you so much friends!  It was such a wonderful evening!!!  I will hold it as one of my favorite birthday memories for years to come.
(These are the only pictures I have of these two sweeties.  I'm going to have to remedy that.  They are beautiful women on the inside and out and I am so grateful God has let our paths cross.)
Blessed with Friends!Blessed with Friends!

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