Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Birthday Surprise

Last Saturday I got to go out and have some time all by myself!  I needed it.  I get rejuvenated by time alone and hadn't had that in a long time.  I had to be home by 2 p.m. so Daddy could go hiking with a friend to try out the new gear he got with Christmas money.  I got home and Daddy headed out.  I had my suspicions that he was up to something but not really sure what.  

Peanut was giddy with excitement and said, "Let's play Candy Land, Mom!"  I went to get the game and it along with many other games had mysteriously disappeared.  That is when I realized there were alot of things missing.  Then Peanut kept talking about a surprise and asking when Daddy would be home.  Any time I would try to guess what the surprise was, she would slap her forehead and say, "Oh no!  Now you're winning, Mom!"  It was pretty funny.

Daddy got home about 3 hours later and ordered us all into the van with a HUGE smile on his face.  We ended up in the next county over which is GORGEOUS filled with beautiful hills.  We kept driving out into the boonies until we found this sign...
And this cabin...
Inside the cabin were all of the things that had been missing from our apartment along with some very good friends. My sweet friend had made a scrumptious meal of spaghetti carbonara. We sat around the table together and I felt so blessed and so happy.
The kids had a ball playing together and having fun.
The adults had a great time too. The guys played a game and the women watched a movie (well tried to without falling asleep), read and knitted (that would be my friend who is an exceptional knitter...amazing talent).


On Sunday we headed out for lunch. Daddy wanted to take me to one of my favorite places which is this amazing restaurant tucked in the hills in the middle of nowhere. Wouldn't you know it? They were shut down that weekend (the only weekend of the year) for renovations. The kids got to feed carrots to some horses so it wasn't for nothing.

I LOVE this picture so much, Pumpkin and her pal.
We headed to the local village for lunch instead. I chose a place I had been really wanting to eat at "Muddy Boots Cafe". It was so yummy, eclectic, and kid friendly. Win, Win!
Are these not some of the cutest kids, you've ever seen? They are such good buddies too. (Daddy had to work for a bit so he needed an internet connection. He had to stop by a little cafe with wi-fi for a bit. That is why he's in the background.)
We spent the rest of the day back at our cabin just hanging out. What more could you ask for? The weather was even warm enough for the kids to play outside.

There was grill so for my official birthday supper on Sunday, we grilled out. We had bratwurst and sauerkraut, a yummy salad, and chips. Here is Peanut's reaction to sauerkraut. Don't think she was a fan.
My sweet friend made the MOST delicious homemade chocolate cake too to end the meal with. It was fabulous! (I hate to admit this but this cake was gone by the time everyone went to bed. It was THAT good.)
One of my favorite moments on my birthday was Pumpkin taking her nap while I held her. It was so nice to just snuggle up with her on the couch in this beautiful cabin and feel loved.
So Daddy did good. He did real good! I had the best birthday weekend ever! Thank you to my awesome family and incredible friends for making me feel so special.

As you probably already figured out, Daddy did not in fact go hiking. He was getting the cabin all set and ready to go for the big surprise. He's so sneaky!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful husband! Praying God heals him.

Anonymous said...

nice idea. thanks for sharing...