Saturday, December 03, 2011

Pumpkin's Prayer

At the end of this past summer while we were at Gigi's, he took all of us to a local zoo. The girls love the zoo and had so much fun. Ever since this zoo trip, Pumpkin has prayed basically the same prayer at meal time and bed time. It has not changed at all since that trip to the zoo.
Here's the gist of it...
"'Pumpkin' do you want to pray?"
Meal Prayer
"We see lion at zoo. We see two tiger at zoo. We see red tiger at zoo.
Meal Prayer
We see...We see...We see...We see white tiger at zoo.
Meal Prayer
We see two lion at zoo. Amen."

It is the cutest thing ever and we are not tired of it one bit! It changes only in the order she says it but it is always these same sets of animals. CRACKS ME UP!

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Anne Frank said...

OH MY! I'm so glad you posted this. Now to have you over for dinner so Millie can pray :). LOVE this and LOVE your little family!