Sunday, December 18, 2011

Polar Express Pajama Party

Peanut's last day of Kindergarten before Christmas break was a Polar Express Pajama Party. They were told to wear jammies and bring a flashlight, a blanket and a stuffed friend. She was so excited! Even Pumpkin wanted to wear her jammies since we got to join in on the fun party for the last half hour of the party.
Peanut gave each of her teachers a gift. She gave them the rainbow Christmas tree ornaments that she and I had made and I made a rice pack for each teacher too. (A rice pack is a fabric rectangle filled with rice and some drops of essential oil. It can be put in the microwave or freezer to use on aches on pains. We have one that I received when I was a teacher and I LOVE it. I use it alot and it is still in great shape.)
We got to listen to the book The Polar Express. The teachers gave each child a silver bell ornament that Daddy and I can't seem to hear ring but Peanut and Pumpkin can. How strange! (If you do not know the Polar Express story then this won't make sense, so you need to either watch the movie or read the book this season.)
The party ended with gingerbread cookies that the students had made that week to share with everyone and hot chocolate with marshmallows. We had a wonderful time! Parties are always chaotic and loud but it is so wonderful to see the kids just having fun and showing off to the parents.

We also had our first parent teacher conference on Monday with Peanut's teachers. Our decision to send Peanut to this kindergarten was affirmed even more. This is where she needs to be this year. Public school would have been a really hard thing for her this year and both teachers affirmed that to us due to her age. We are so grateful that the Lord just keeps providing and directing and we are able to send her to this school. The teachers had only great things to say about our little girl! we left knowing we are all on the same page regarding her education and that felt so good. What awesome teachers and school we have this year!

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