Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Daddy's Health

We are preparing for Daddy to undergo a biopsy on his kidney's next Tuesday.  We have found out that his kidneys are only functioning at 35% right now.  We discovered this all out very early in the semester.  Before school started we were swimming at a friend's house and Daddy hit his head on the floor of a pool after diving in.  He started having some headaches and also got a pretty bad cold.  After school started a couple of weeks later, I asked him to go into the university health clinic to see if he had a sinus infection because he is not prone to headaches.

At the clinic they discovered that his blood pressure was VERY high.  They put him on blood pressure medicine immediately and ordered blood tests to find out what was causing the elevation. 

About a week later we discovered that his kidneys were dumping a massive amount of protein which is not good.  We heard words like dialysis and transplant that day.  Talk about overwhelming. 

We were directed to a nephrologist that we met with a few months ago.  He believes Daddy has what is called Minimal Change Kidney Disease and we are hoping this is the case.  We were told if this is the case that the function of the kidneys could be reversed to as high as 65% and he could live a normal, healthy life. 

There are two other things the doctor said it could be.  They are not as hopeful as they do not respond easily to medicines.  The chances for dialysis with these two diseases raise significantly. 

It sounds strange to say we are praying for a disease but we are praying that it is Minimal Change Kidney Disease and the function of his kidneys will increase. 

Daddy will go to the hospital next Tuesday morning and undergo a kidney biopsy.  They will take 2-3 samples from one of his kidneys.  (He has already undergone numerous blood tests and a 24 hour urine test).  He will have to stay in the hospital for 24 hours to monitor for internal bleeding. 

We covet your prayers for our family.  The realization of how big this could be has set in for Daddy and I.  We have been so busy surviving Daddy's first semester of grad school but as that is wrapping up, we have begun to focus on the upcoming biopsy.  Daddy is nervous about the actual biopsy procedure as we were told in great detail what would happen.  It does sound intense but it will lead to knowing what is going on and what the next step is. 

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers during this time.  The girls so far don't really know what is going on.  I'm sure there will be questions as to why Daddy is in the hospital.  Pray that we have wisdom in knowing what to say especially to Peanut who doesn't miss a beat and tends to be a worrier. 

We will certainly keep you posted on how things go and the results.

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