Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Continued

Dec. 16 The girls got to camp out downstairs by the Christmas tree and watch a movie and have popcorn. This was Pumpkin's first time to get to camp out downstairs and she did relatively well. We watched the movie Enchanted which both girls really liked. Nothing like a good princess movie for two little girls!

I didn't get a picture of them all camped out but I did take this picture the next morning of Peanut who is currently obsessed with pretending she is having a baby! Oy! One day she had 65 babies. Wow!

Dec. 17 We invited some friends over to make Christmas cookies. The kids really did do a great job and had fun. Who doesn't have fun when there is frosting and sprinkles involved, though. They even got to taste test and everything passed inspection.

Cookie Party

Cookie Party

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the back door said...

while all the kids are so cute, i'm particularly fond of the "friends" cute belly:) so glad you have the opportunity to be together this year!!!!