Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricky Treat

This afternoon I sewed like a mad woman to get the Halloween costume done. I did wait until the last minute but that was a bit beyond my control and was the way it had to be. Thankfully the decided upon costume was pretty easy. Peanut always talks about wanting to be a nurse when she grows up so when I saw a tutorial on Pinterst, I knew that was the ticket. What to do with Pumpkin??? Well, make her Peanut's patient, of course!
Tricky Treat
Do you have any idea how ridiculously easy it was to make a hospital gown? Just goes to show how little fabric they really use. Due to the chill in the air, I did allow her to wear pants and shirt so it was not as realistic as it could have been from the rear view. Heehee!
We did wrap her head and her arm. She was not into Mommy wrapping ouchies but when I announced that they were pretend ouchies and we were dressing up to get candy, she was completely into it.
We walked a local neighborhood with our good friends who just moved to our town AND into our apartment complex. We are so thrilled to have them here and have spent some sweet times together already in the few days that they have been here. We are so thankful they are here!
We got in alot of walking which is good because every two minutes I heard, "Mom, can I have a piece of candy?" Pumpkin searched her bag so often to see what sweet treasures it held.
The weather was perfect too. Peanut had fun announcing that she was the nurse and Pumpkin was her patient. She even gave one "candy passer outer" a pretend shot! One person asked if she was Florence Nightingale. She said, "No, I'm a nurse." Ha!

After we had quite a stash of loot we headed back to our friends' apartment so the kids could watch "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin" before heading home to scrub teeth and get to bed.
What a great night!

This post is titled "Tricky Treat" because that is what Peanut has been calling trick or treat all week and NOPE, we haven't corrected her once. We love it!

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Ryan and Melanie said...

I love their outfits! You're so creative. :)