Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fall is Here!

Fall is here! The leaves are changing. The mornings are cool. It is glorious. I love fall. We have pumpkins by our door and a mum planted. The fall decorations are out. There is no season like fall and no better place to take it in than right here with my family.

We were invited over to some friends' home this past Friday evening for a camp fire and s'mores. How can you say no to that in the fall? How can you say no to awesome friends? How can you say no to watching 5 incredible kids running around without a care in the world while bundled up to keep the fall chill out? You can't. It's impossible!
Camp Fire
It is also impossible for Pumpkin to eat a s'more and not get half of it in her hair.
Camp Fire
We had a grand time chatting around the fire and keeping track of little bodies as the early darkness set in. We are so thankful for good friends!
Camp Fire
Peanut was also invited to her first "big girl birthday party" this weekend. The kind of birthday party where she was dropped off to enjoy all things girly without Mommy or Daddy and boy, was she excited! She came home covered in "pixie dust" a.k.a. glitter since it was a Tinkerbell party. She had a grand time!
Big Girl Birthday Party

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