Wednesday, October 05, 2011

3 1/2 Hour Drive = Really Good Friends

You know you have some great friends when they get up in the wee hours of the morning and drive 3 1/2 hours just to spend the day with you (especially when one isn't so much of a morning person but we will NOT mention any names). I was so blessed yesterday, so blessed to have two very sweet and dear friends come visit. It was just bliss to be with them. We've had a tough couple of weeks (another post on that to come) and I just needed girl day and the good Lord let me have it. There were many giggles, many honest conversations about life's struggles and much encouragement. I am so blessed, so blessed with good friends beyond just these two. I never want to take that for granted and I know I do.
Girl Day
So what did we do? We visited an antique mall and tried on the latest style in hats from ages past. It was so tempting to buy a hat, but we decided against it knowing that our hubbies would not be able to take the extra special beauty that these hats bestowed upon us.
Girl Day

Girl Day

This one was straight out of My Fair Lady, don't you think?
Girl Day

We picked Peanut up from kindergarten and she was ecstatic to see our buddies. We headed to lunch. Now lunch...that is a sad topic. There was a reason beyond me that these gals wanted to come visit my community and it was a certain restaurant that they both have been dreaming of eating at again since their last visit. We talked way more than we should have about what we were going to order. We found a great parking spot close by and headed to THE PLACE. As we approached, there were gasps, there moans, there were tears....CLOSED ON MONDAYS! It could not be but it was. There would be no fish tacos with garlic fries and aioli sauce.

They looked at me in despair and asked where I would go if I couldn't go here and I said, "The Indian place!" There were some looks, some questionings about the food, but then it was decided we would go there and we did. And I have brought two more people to the joy of Indian food. They loved it! It really is so yummy!
Girl Day

We visited some shops that I do not venture into by myself with the two littles. We had a grand time learning about antiquing furniture with paint and choosing organic cookies to have as a treat back at my place.
Girl Day

Girl Day

I love sharing our community with friends and family. There is just so much here. I also love watching friends love on my munchkins.

So...thank you friends for making the drive and savoring every minute of our time together. I love you both so much and thank the Lord for your friendship so often!


keepin' it real..... said...

It was a fun day....even without The Farm :)

...which one of us isn't the morning person by the way? :)

love you right back!

the back door said...

i'm sure you weren't referring to me with that "not a morning person" comment:) i needed that day as much as you! thanks for letting us invade you!!!! obviously we will have to come again, but not on a monday!