Friday, September 30, 2011

Magic Milk

The other afternoon after listening to the girls bicker and fight over silly things, I decided we need to do a cool science experiment. It is one I have been meaning to do but we just never got around to it. Talk about easy but a very cool effect...well this is it.

All you do is pour some milk in a pie plate and add some drops of food coloring. The coloring stays in little dots all over the milk....not very exciting.
Milk Magic
Next you dip a Q-tip in some dishwashing liquid and just touch the center of the milk and the coolness happens.
Milk Magic
The colors start moving all over the place like magic, mixing and swirling with each other. It really is very cool. The girls marveled at how quickly it took place and how fast the colors swirled around all from a dab of the Q-tip.
Milk Magic
We did it a couple of times just to see it again. So easy! Here is a website that gives more details and the explanation as to why this happens: Magic Milk Experiment.

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