Sunday, September 11, 2011


A little over three months ago we found out that we had gotten an apartment in the complex we had applied with. We were so excited because it meant a huge financial savings for our family. There was a little problem though. The lease on the apartment we were in was up on Aug. 9 and our new apartment would not be ready until Sept. 1. Talk about anxiety and stress. It would have not been a big deal if Daddy's college and Peanut's Kindergarten hadn't started during that 4 week period, but they both did.

We racked our brain with what we would do and came up with Plan A. We would put all of our things in two storage units. One would have the things we would need in the new apartment and one would have the things we wouldn't be able to fit into the apartment. Then we would stay with my dad until school started. That left us with trying to figure out where to stay in that time frame.

God had an incredible Plan B for us though. A sweet, sweet friend who was actually in Colorado for the summer with her family heard about our predicament and after talking it over with her husband and spending some time in prayer, they offered up their two car garage for our things that would go to the apartment and for us to stay in their home for the two weeks that we needed to be in Bloomington before our new place was ready. What a blessing!
So in reality we moved twice. We lived out of our suitcases for 4 weeks and listened to Pumpkin say, "I wanna go home," quite a few times. BUT we made it and it all went so well. My dad was more than thrilled to have us with him for two weeks and have all of that time with the girls.
Our hosts here in town were amazing. It could not have gone a bit smoother. We felt welcomed into their home 100% of the time that we were there and we even date night swapped so we each got a night out without kids. We also had a special Friday night girls' night that we watched Tangled, ate snacky foods and ended with chocolate cake. There was a late night Settlers of Catan battle and an introduction to Ip Man. More importantly there was lots of talking and bonding and fellowshipping.
(Even the Daddies partook of girls' night.)
I feel like we have two really strong new friends because of it. I even miss our late night talks and meal swappings. It was awesome, really awesome!
The move to the new apartment went so well. We had great help! Another sweet, sweet friend brought lunch to us and cake so that I wouldn't have to worry about feeding the helpers. What an enormous blessing.
It was a hot day but we got it done. We are in our new place thanks to the hard work of some great friends and an awesome Dad!
Dad stayed with us for two days to help with the girls and help with the move. We were so blessed by that. He may have seen his daughter have a few melt downs but's all about being real. We celebrated before he left by going out for ice cream which of course was a hit with the girls.
So now we are settling in. The boxes are fewer and fewer. We have a backyard too! I scored some awesome deals for outdoor toys like a sandbox and picnic table. It is slowly beginning to feel like home. Thank you to everyone who was praying for us! We made it!

Pictures will be coming soon of the new place. I have been having fun creating and doing some fun new things in the new house and am anxious to share.


Christi Stembel said...

Congratulations on your new home! I wish I was closer so I could have helped! I'm looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you all at Christmas though! Love you! xo

Lyka Ricks said...

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