Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Weeks

We were so blessed to be able to stay with Gigi for two weeks during the first part of our transition to a new apartment. The girls had so much fun playing outside and enjoying the space that he has at his place. There is always something to do which made for two really worn out girls but happy ones!
Mud Pies

Gigi's Garden
Check out who figured out how to drive the Barbie Jeep on this visit! She could make it go forward but that is about it so we had to keep a very close eye on her.
Look Who's Driving Now!
We took in a Monday morning Meijer trip with Gigi to visit his coffee buddies and of course ride the penny pony!
The Penny Pony
Daddy and Peanut camped out in Gigi's yard one night and in a friend's yard another night. That night Gigi took Pumpkin and I out to visit his buddy who gave Pumpkin a golf cart ride and then to Dairy Queen for a late night treat.
Golf Cart Ride
Gigi loves his girls so much and enjoyed the noise and chaos that comes when we visit. His girls love him too!
Gigi and Pumpkin

Gigi and his Girls

We were sad to go after such a great time and extended stay.
There were great memories made though! We had a safe drive home...well almost home. We are now staying with some really awesome friends who have opened their home to us and their garage to our stuff! We really are blessed!

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