Monday, August 29, 2011

Kindergarten Decision

If you remember last spring we were very excited to have signed Peanut up for public school all day Kindergarten. Then summer hit and both Daddy and I started wondering if we had made the best decision. The realization that kindergarten students must be 5 by August 1 made us realize that she was going to be one of the very young ones in her class having just turned 5 on July 28.
Kindergarten Orientation
I started talking to lots of people and got quite a bit of feedback. 99.9% of the feedback was that if we could hold off a year in sending her to public school it would only be positive whereas sending her could cause some negatives. As a former preschool teacher and preschool director I knew this. It is just so different when it is your own child. We ONLY want to do the best thing for her.
Kindergarten Orientation
After weighing out the feedback and having many discussions, we decided to look into two private school kindergartens that provide a half day program. This was a really big decision as it meant there will be a tuition cost but deep down we knew this is what is best for our girl...smaller classes, more one-on-one with teachers, half day and so on.
Kindergarten Orientation
We chose the school and feel very confident that this is the best place for Peanut this year. There was certainly that doubt in the back of my mind. Are we doing the best thing? Should we just send her on to public school? Then I heard feedback from two parents who have sent their children to the public school all day program and both are so concerned about their children and the exhaustive schedule. The school day has been lengthened here in the county that we live in. One of the parents was almost in tears telling that her daughter was really struggling and they felt they had made the wrong choice. This confirmed to me that we are in fact doing what is best for our girl.
Kindergarten Orientation
Last Friday we went to Kindergarten orientation and it felt right. I felt excited, she felt excited. We'll have to make some sacrifices so that she can be a part of this program, but it will be worth it!
Kindergarten Orientation
In the spring we will evaluate her progress with her teacher and decide then if we will send her on to public school first grade or if she will need that extra year of full day public school kindergarten. The later is the plan for right now. I want to give her a strong foundation for the many years of school and peer pressure ahead. This will add a really solid base to that foundation!

Stay tuned for the first day of Kindergarten pictures!


Colleen said...

I think it's a great decision. I don't understand this all-day kindergarten stuff. Thank goodness David only did it for three months. It's just too much for that age I think. He was so tired he would come home from school and fall asleep on the couch before dinner.

Our school district just started all-day kindergarten for everyone this year. We'll have to figure out what to do with Wade when he gets to be that age.

kbowers said...

I was wondering about the change. Sounds like a great decision for Cora!! I have heard the same thing about being older always better than being the youngest. miss you guys!

Julie said...

Glad you're happy with your decision. That's what is most important. Jacob actually did 1/2 day pre-k and 1/2 day K last year since they didn't offer full day pre-k at the Christian school. I got to thinking that he would be extremely bored if he had to repeat the same curriculum. We checked with our public school and they agreed to let him into 1st grade this year since he'd already done K. He won't be 6 until the end of November, so he's very young for his class. I'm not so concerned about it now because size-wise & ability-wise from what I can tell he's in line with the rest of his class. When he's in hs and sports, driving, etc. is when he'll really feel a bit behind. I hope Cora has a great year! :)