Tuesday, August 02, 2011

An Interview with a 5 Year Old

She went and did it. I don't know how she did it so fast and I'm really not certain why she did it but she turned 5. Be still my heart! I can not believe she is 5. Tonight as I cuddled her and sang her our bedtime songs, I still could not grasp that she is 5. Five seems so "big kid". My mother's heart is not ready for "big kid" yet. On the other hand my mother's heart could not imagine my life without her these past 5 years nor could it be any prouder to be her mother. Of all the children in the world I do believe I got the best two (sorry to inform all you other mothers out there of that).

Last year I started doing a birthday interview with her and have done one this year also. So let's commence the "5th Birthday Interview" with a mix of Peanut pics from the year!
4 Years Old
How old are you? 5
What is your favorite food? Candy and corn (on the cob)
What is your favorite snack? Fishy crackers and fruit snacks
What is your favorite TV show? Popeye the Sailor Man and The Cosby Show (She did also include Spongebob Square Pants but we are not allowed to watch that yet.)
Homecoming Parade
What is your favorite thing to do? Go to the park!
What was your favorite thing you learned in school last year? Reading Books.
What is something you are good at? Playing games.
Happy Halloween
If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? To Dobbie and Papa's house and Gigi's house and Andrew's house.
What is your favorite color? Pink and purple
Who is your best friend? Emma and Cole and Max but everybody is my best friend too.
Family Pictures
Who is the coolest person in the world? Jesus
What do you want to be when you grow up? A nurse
What is your favorite song? Ring Around the Rosie and The Yellow Submarine
Visiting Gigi
What is your favorite book? The Enchanted Wedding
What is your favorite toy? My bike
What is your favorite season of the year? Winter because I get to make snowmans.
Snowy Day
What is something that you did when you were little? I would get messy and put rocks in my mouth.
What is something that makes you happy? Seeing all of my friends.
What is something that makes you sad? When "Pumpkin" hits me or Simon claws me.
Preschool Graduation
What food don't you like? Sour stuff
What is your favorite memory? When I saw Arthur (our old cat). I really miss him.
What is something you would wish for if you could? I wish Santa Claus would come when I am awake.
Camp Girl
What are three words that describe you? Kind, gentle, pretty (with a little bit of help from Mom.)
What is your favorite thing about Daddy? Going to the park and swinging and sliding down the big slides.
What is your favorite thing about Mommy? When we drive to go to someone's house.
What is your favorite thing about "Pumpkin"? When she plays with me.
4th of July
Who is Jesus? Jesus is good. Jesus is the whole world. He lives inside of us.

So there you have it...the mind of a 5 year old. It was so much fun to interview her this year and watch her process her answers, thinking of the perfect thing to say. We love her so much!

Happy Birthday, Peanut!
Our Beautiful 5 Year Old


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Allison said...

She is the sweetest thing!!! She will make an awesome Nurse someday!!! :) What a great idea to do a birthday interview!!!

Sue said...

Oh Mindy, how precious. I think I can agree that you got the two best GIRLS....Looking at her answers, I'd say that you have a social butterfly on your hands!

shannon fay said...

I am flying to TN right now to be with Laura as she makes an honest woman of me....in the aunt dept. that is. ;) I sure do remember well preparing for my MCAT as I frantically checked texts and voicemails to get updates on the arrival of my very first precious "niece"....cannot believe all that has happened in 5 years! It has flown by! She is so truly beautiful, inside and out, and it has been such a joy to be part of her life. You are an amazing mama...God knew what He was doing when he entrusted that treasure to you. Love you SOOOOOOOO much! :)