Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Reunion

Gigi came down to our apartment on the Saturday of the big move. We rented a large U-Haul truck, packed it up with the help of some great guys, and unloaded our things into the garage of some really, really, really gracious friends (who will also be taking us in for 2 weeks before our new apartment is ready). Gigi then brought the girls and I back home with him while Daddy stayed to tie up some loose ends for a few days. God bless Daddy for doing that. I was mentally just done with it all and am so grateful he took care of that stuff.

The next day was Gigi's family reunion. I was so happy that we got to go along too. I hadn't been to it in years. I was so tired and not feeling overly wonderful but it was so good to see family. Peanut and Pumpkin LOVED the attention. Peanut filled her social calendar with lots of visits to family member's homes while we are at Gigi's. I had people coming up to me saying, "Well, I guess you are coming to see us in the next few days according to your daughter." She is a social butterfly!

At one moment during the reunion they went up to the dessert table with Gigi. When I checked on them they had a new friend who was helping them with their dessert choices. They came back to the table with the following plates.

Those plates are filled with dessert! I told their new friend that I would be sending them home with her just about when their sugar buzz hit. Haha!

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