Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Down on the Farm

One of the hardest parts of being home is visiting people because there are SO many that I want to see but it just isn't possible to see everyone. So that makes one of the best parts of being home visiting people!

Last week we went to visit one of my cousins who just so happens to have lots of critters for the littles to love on. There were little baby kittens that I was sure Pumpkin was going to "love" just a bit too much.
There were barn cats, a bunny, a dog, fish, and HORSES! The girls were in Heaven and kept us busy running from one critter to another. The highlight of our visit was riding one of the horses. The girls got to ride 29 year old Scooter. Peanut was so proud because it was her first time to be on a horse by herself.
Pumpkin quickly wanted in on the action and would have ridden the night away if we had let her.


So thankful for family and friends that fill our little girls with great memories!


Lori Flick said...

is the Flick family going to have another equestrian on their hands? I hope so! lol The girls look super cute!

shannon fay said...

save the baby kitties!!! ;)

so the pics on the horse...especially with both sisters riding....may they always be the best of friends!