Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bucket Lists

A highlight of our visit was to spend time with my BFF and her family. Her hubby and his brother have decided to do a yearly Brother's Birthday Bucket list. This was the kick-off year and they decided to go skydiving with their wives! They couldn't go the day it was scheduled due to cloudy skies so they came to Gigi's to spend an evening with us. We had supper together and hung out.
BFF's hubby brought his gun so they could all do some target practice. I opted out on this though. Not too fond of the idea of having a gun in my hands. I was glad when they were all done and the gun was packed away safely.
The skydiving event took place the next morning and we got to tag along to watch. I have to say that before watching it I was sure I would never want to do that....BUT after watching it and hearing their reactions, I may be more open to the possibility of someday doing it. It was so fun to be a part of their adventure!
Do you see them? Where are they?



There he is!!!!
Even little missy had fun taking in everyone's adventures.
We're glad they all landed safely back on the ground too!

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shannon fay said...

oh I love our kiddos so much! I can't believe how grown-up my little girl looks holding yours.....I'm so glad our kids love each other! =)