Saturday, July 02, 2011

Swim Lessons

Peanut concluded 2 weeks of swim lessons this past Friday. She loved it but was glad for her final day after getting up every morning and heading out to class. Her instructors were sweet and did a great job working with the small class of 4 students.
Swim Lesson
Her favorite part of the lessons was playing "Red Light, Green Light" with her class. She did not like putting her head under the water and would only do it one time each class then that was enough of that.
To celebrate her final days of swim lessons we stayed at the pool and swam the afternoon away. The girls had a ball to say the least.
AND by the time we left the pool guess who was sticking her face in the water time and time again and loving it!
She spent the last hour doing this and was finally able to put her whole head under water. She can't wait to swim again so she can put her head under!

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