Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dobbie and Papa's Cabin

Dobbie and Papa are getting ready for a move to Virginia so this is probably the last time that we will stay at the cabin together. We had a wonderful time with them on the second half of our trip north. We visited an outlet mall with Dobbie on our first day together and were able to find a few deals which is always nice. Later in the evening we went to a local park for a picnic and some playground time for the girls.

At the park we had quiet a scare when Pumpkin took off running away from us and ran directly onto the street in front of a van. This is right up there as one of the ABSOLUTE scariest moments of being a Mom so far. Thank goodness the driver was driving slow enough and heard us frantically screaming! There were many tears and a very shaken up Mommy and Pumpkin. I hope and pray she learned her lesson!
There were lots of laughs and playing on the front porch.
Giggles with Dobbie

Giggles with Papa

"Spin me, Papa!"
We also took in the final NASA space launch together from the television.
The Final Space Shuttle Launch
Dobbie finished a birdie quilt very similar to the one she made for Peanut 2 years ago. Pumpkin helped a little bit with while Dobbie finished sewing the binding on. She LOVED her quilt and was so excited to have a new "B" as she calls her favorite blanket.
Sewing with Dobbie

Birdie Quilt

We had a grand time together!
Bread Hoarder

IU Sisters

Silly Sisters


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