Friday, June 17, 2011

The Artist

Last Sunday morning I sat cuddling with Peanut looking at pictures on Facebook of some friends she was missing. I realized that Pumpkin was in the kitchen and had been awfully quiet for some time. So in my sweetest Mommy voice I said, "Pumpkin, what are you doing?" It was then that I heard her RUN from the laundry room to the kitchen table where she hid and started crying. UH-OH!
I went out to find my sweet little girl with her weapon of choice in hand and red drawings all over the kitchen walls, kitchen floor, pantry door, and laundry room floor.
All I had to say was, "PUMPKIN!" in my stern Mommy voice and the crying floodgates opened as did the screams of guilt.
Needless to say she knew she was guilty and popped that bottom lip out as far as she could. Thankfully I had some magic erasers on hand and after a good 20 minutes of scrubbing I was able to get all of the crayon markings off of the floor, walls, and door.
As some have said she was just expressing her creativity!

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cstembel said...

awww, a little artist in the family! :) Miss you all! xo