Thursday, May 26, 2011

Transient Town

We live in a transient town due to the university. This didn't really affect us or our circle of friends last summer but boy is it this summer and it is hard. Last week some of our good friends moved away. Our girls loved playing together and I so enjoyed getting to know this fellow mommy. Their two girls who are the same ages as our girls came over the day before the move to have a day long play date while their mommy and daddy cleaned the house they just sold. It was a fun day and so sweet to see our girls together but there was a hint of sadness knowing we wouldn't see them again for awhile. Thankfully they didn't move far, far away so we can plan visits and such.
This is the first of three possible really good friends moving. We are waiting to hear about the other two as they go through job interviews and make decisions. We are praying that God leads them exactly where He wants them even if it means away as hard as that is. We know that ultimately the perfect place is where God wants us.

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