Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break II

We spent the second half of our week at Dobbie and Papa's Lodge. We all went to a local nature preserve to walk the trails and enjoy some spring weather. The girls had a BALL!

Love this picture....so much!


For a good portion of the walk, Peanut rode in the wagon while Papa pulled and Pumpkin pushed it. She was seriously pushing the wagon. Too funny!

We had fun sewing up the cutest little birdies with Dobbie for the girls' room. Pumpkin thought the sewing machine was very impressive. Peanut helped stuff the birdies taking lots of play breaks.
Making Birdies

And of course there is the fun whirlpool bathtub. Peanut thought it was marvelous!

We had a great time at the cabin and spent most of it just relaxing. Dobbie and I got our Food Network fix. Daddy and Papa got their news junkie fix. It was so nice to not have to run all over town, do errands, constantly be thinking of Daddy's schedule and when he would be home and not home...we were just together doing a whole lot of slow paced fun.

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shannon fay said...

I also love that picture....so much!