Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gifts Galore

This past week we received some special surprises! The girls got a box in the mail from our southern part of the family. There was a gift for Pumpkin that was forgotten at Christmas which was a doll that one of our nieces made her and an early birthday present. Peanut got the cutest little bag that the same niece made during her first sewing lesson. The girls were over the moon and have had fun playing with their new things!
Box of Gifts
We also received another belated Christmas present from my sweet friend from California. Inside were some very cute clothes for the girls but there were also hats that are THE CUTEST THINGS EVER!!!! Here is Peanut sporting her new hat. Pumpkin was not very cooperative, though.
We are thankful for being thought of and for having such sweet friends and family!

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keepin' it real..... said...

I miss you....want to come up and play? :)