Monday, March 07, 2011

Dobbie and Papa Were Here!

This past weekend Dobbie and Papa came for a visit. Here are some pics from our time together.

There was alot of reading going on.

Pumpkin showed her many antics for Dobbie and Papa and threw in a couple of big fits too!
Silly Girl

The girls were thoroughly entertained while I cooked. BLISS! It was so nice to cook and not have someone at my feet crying and whining because they were hungry or fighting over a toy with her sister.
Go Fish!

The main reason for the visit was so the girls could go to a big quilt show in town. We had alot of fun browsing the amazing quilts that were on display. Wowzers! The girls loved this one the best.
Quilt Show

And Peanut got a much needed hair trim from Dobbie for which we are so grateful! She really needed that.
Hair Cut

We love visits with our family and friends!


Timothy said...

Love this post Also love you and your girls and their dobbie and papa...and ok, their daddy too...I miss you guys! Can't get over how big Pumpkin looks in those pics...her hair is getting so long!

shannon fay said...

Lol....apparently Timothy was signed into his gmail when I posted's really me. =) (He loves you too though!)