Monday, March 28, 2011

A Stitch in Time

This afternoon I sent Peanut upstairs to fetch her sister for an early supper after she had snuck upstairs by herself. Not 5 minutes later I heard a thump and both girls screaming and crying at top of the lungs. I rushed upstairs to find them in my bedroom by bed hysterical and Pumpkin with a face full of blood on her lip and down her chin. One look told me that we needed to head to urgent care for stitches. Peanut was hysterical and thought she was going to have to get a shot too. She was fine just really shook up.

We got ahold of Daddy and picked him up on the way as I knew I was going to need him there and was so grateful I got a hold of him and he could come. After close to an hour and a half we saw a doctor who said she did need stitches for the lip to heal correctly but they wouldn't be able to sedate her there but we could head to the ER for that if we wanted to. After a calming, reassuring phone call to Papa (who is an ER nurse) we felt we should stay put and have it done quickly there.
Stitched Lip
The doctor was SO calm and laid back and the nurses laid on the love to our little girl! Poor pumpkin had to be restrained in a papoose board. They were afraid she would really fight once the procedure got started. She was all strapped in bear hug style and we are thankful for that because she was NOT at all thrilled about what they were doing to her lip. The procedure lasted maybe 5 minutes after the numbing shot was given but boy did it seem much longer. It broke Mommy's heart to hear my baby screaming but considering the ordeal she did super!
Stitched Lip
(These pictures do it no justice. It was pretty awful looking and that cute onesie...I think it's seen it's day!)
We are so thankful for a dear friend who happened to live right around the corner and whisked Peanut away so she didn't have to be there for the stitches. She was VERY concerned about what the doctor was going to do to Pumpkin.

Tonight when I put Pumpkin to bed she kept messing with her lip and saying, "Ow! Uh-oh!" Praying she sleeps well tonight and so very grateful it was just a stitched lip!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed at our house. It has become against household rules suddenly!

Boy are her two year old pictures going to be grand since her birthday is Wednesday!


Pumpkin sported a ponytail to church on Sunday and looked so grown up! How did she get so big so fast?


Spring is Upon Us

Sweet Feet
Yes, the weather has turned a bit cooler this week, but the promise of spring is here. Daffodils and hyacinth are blooming, forsythia bushes are ready to burst in color, and the trees have tiny little buds on them. You can just feel it in the air.
Riding Bikes

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break III

There were so many highlights to our time up north especially spending time with family. This post is dedicated to friends who are like family. We got to spend an evening with my best friend and her family. IT WAS BLISS! It meant so much because we had not seen her hubby or kids since last summer and we had not seen each other since before Christmas. Peanut was over the moon about going to their house. When we told her we were going to Gigi's and Dobbie and Papa's for spring break the second thing out of her mouth was that she wanted to go see these friends at their house. She missed them too.

We spent an entire evening with them enjoying Papa Murphy's pizza, watching the kids play together, catching up and just being together.
Visiting Friends
Can I just say here that you know your good friends when you show up at your friend's house for the evening and at least one of them is in their pjs ready for a night of fun and relaxing together. LOVE IT! It would have been even better if one of my family shown up in her jammies too.

To make the evening even better we ran to Coldstone Creamery for dessert. YUM! Peanut thoroughly enjoyed maybe 5 bites of her ice cream.
Visiting Friends
Don't worry though...the rest of her ice cream did not go to waste. Someone much smaller than her took on the duty of finishing up her sister's bowl after sharing a bowl with me. She did it with so much determination and stamina too.
Visiting Friends

Visiting Friends

Visiting Friends

What a great group of kids all of whom are near and dear to our hearts!
Visiting Friends
(Check out Pumpkin's grin over being given her own bowl of ice cream!)

There may have also been a moment in the evening where an otoscope was broken out to look in each other's ears. Exciting stuff people! Truly it is pretty cool that my best friend now owns her own otoscope and knows how to use it! She's pretty amazing!
Visiting Friends
Our evening ended with the youngest 3 kiddos watching a movie and running around, my friend and I watching a chick flick together and the guys and the oldest kid playing Settlers of Catan together. The guys were pretty excited that one of the kids is old enough to play these games now. They weren't too excited when she ended up beating them though.

So thankful for this time together! It was wonderful!

Spring Break II

We spent the second half of our week at Dobbie and Papa's Lodge. We all went to a local nature preserve to walk the trails and enjoy some spring weather. The girls had a BALL!

Love this much!


For a good portion of the walk, Peanut rode in the wagon while Papa pulled and Pumpkin pushed it. She was seriously pushing the wagon. Too funny!

We had fun sewing up the cutest little birdies with Dobbie for the girls' room. Pumpkin thought the sewing machine was very impressive. Peanut helped stuff the birdies taking lots of play breaks.
Making Birdies

And of course there is the fun whirlpool bathtub. Peanut thought it was marvelous!

We had a great time at the cabin and spent most of it just relaxing. Dobbie and I got our Food Network fix. Daddy and Papa got their news junkie fix. It was so nice to not have to run all over town, do errands, constantly be thinking of Daddy's schedule and when he would be home and not home...we were just together doing a whole lot of slow paced fun.

Spring Break I

Daddy and Peanut were on spring break last week so we headed north. We spent the first leg of our trip at Hotel Gigi otherwise known as Gigi's house! The weather was a bit more blustery than all of you who headed south but we had fun. We relaxed, visited with friends and family. Daddy got to go with Papa to hear Peter Schiff speak in Chicago which made his whole spring break!

The girls of course took in some riding in the Jeep. I LOVE seeing them in that thing together, travelling all over Gigi's homestead. They are so stinking cute!
Barbie Jeep

We ended our stay with Gigi by visiting McDonald's. The girls had a ball eating a sundae and playing the play area.
Ice Cream with Gigi

High Tea?

The girls got a pretty special package in the mail a couple of weeks ago from a sweet friend. They got matching Easter dresses with lacy socks and sequinned purses and some pretty handmade scarves. They pulled out the sweet hats they had gotten the week before, put everything on and looked as if they were going to high tea! They have so much fun together!
High Tea?

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Peanut's preschool spent the week before spring break celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. She came home one day looking like the Cat in the Hat.
Cat in the Hat

Monday, March 07, 2011

Dobbie and Papa Were Here!

This past weekend Dobbie and Papa came for a visit. Here are some pics from our time together.

There was alot of reading going on.

Pumpkin showed her many antics for Dobbie and Papa and threw in a couple of big fits too!
Silly Girl

The girls were thoroughly entertained while I cooked. BLISS! It was so nice to cook and not have someone at my feet crying and whining because they were hungry or fighting over a toy with her sister.
Go Fish!

The main reason for the visit was so the girls could go to a big quilt show in town. We had alot of fun browsing the amazing quilts that were on display. Wowzers! The girls loved this one the best.
Quilt Show

And Peanut got a much needed hair trim from Dobbie for which we are so grateful! She really needed that.
Hair Cut

We love visits with our family and friends!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gifts Galore

This past week we received some special surprises! The girls got a box in the mail from our southern part of the family. There was a gift for Pumpkin that was forgotten at Christmas which was a doll that one of our nieces made her and an early birthday present. Peanut got the cutest little bag that the same niece made during her first sewing lesson. The girls were over the moon and have had fun playing with their new things!
Box of Gifts
We also received another belated Christmas present from my sweet friend from California. Inside were some very cute clothes for the girls but there were also hats that are THE CUTEST THINGS EVER!!!! Here is Peanut sporting her new hat. Pumpkin was not very cooperative, though.
We are thankful for being thought of and for having such sweet friends and family!

She's SO Silly!

Silly Girl

Bag Head

Dr. Seuss Reading