Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the Mend

We are on the mend, trying to get all better. Peanut is finishing up round two on her antibiotics. Pumpkin's face is no longer plastered. Daddy's sinuses no longer feel like they are being crushed by a pick axe and both of my lungs are still in tact. Whew! What a long couple of weeks. We are a bit worn out and naps have become a part of our weekend routine so by tomorrow we should be good to go.

Simon is the only who escaped illness! He can typically be found stretched out in our living room or curled up in Peanut's Cinderella chair.
Princess Cat
He has still received lots of attention even though the girls have been sick. He has about as much fun with the girls toys as they do. The other day I found he and Pumpkin stretched out on the kitchen floor having a picnic!
Pet Picnic

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