Friday, February 04, 2011

Getting Out

One guess where we went yesterday on our first outing in 4 days....
Everyone knows where the big red ball is from, right? TARGET! Woohoo! Do you see that the red ball is very shiny? It was covered with ice!

Today Cora got to go back to preschool after being out for a week due to illness and weather. She was very excited because she was the snack helper. She chose to take Gogurt and raisin boxes. I got to go to Bible study too which was wonderful. The study I am in is on the life of Ruth. She was an amazing woman!

This evening while I made supper I pulled out an ink pad, stamps, card stock, stickers and crayons and let the girls go hog wild. They were making mail. I found the idea HERE. The girls had fun creating.
Making Mail
(The little one doesn't like to keep her shirt on much anymore!)

Hope you all have a fun weekend!

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