Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I have it. I admit it I.AM.GOING.NUTS! I need out of this house. I need warm weather. I need restored health. I need to let my kids run wild at the park. I need to open my windows and let in the fresh air. I HAVE THE GRUMPIES!

Dobbie and Papa spent the weekend at our house. On Saturday the girls all ran out for a bit while the guys took in the art museum on campus. While out I noticed that Peanut was not acting like herself. Upon returning we took her temp and discovered it was 101.7. I gave her Tylenol and put her to bed on time rather than letting her stay up late (also after really sweet talking and twisting Dobbie and Papa's arms to get them to spend one more night). On Sunday she progressively started looking worse and then she started complaining about her ear hurting. We decided I should take her to the CVS Minute Clinic to get it checked out. After waiting 2 hours in the waiting room, I was told she did indeed have an ear infection and it was bulging! I am so thankful I took her in when I did. She looked absolutely miserable. In fact the NP that saw her asked if she had been crying but she hadn't. Her eyes were all red, watering and she had circles under them!!!

We stayed home obviously to care for her when we realized that a huge storm was heading for us! Our area was expected to get an inch of ice and strong winds. Not good for the power lines which worried us a great deal as we don't have any back-up heat. We weathered the storm though and came through with our electric never going out. Whew! The ice was so pretty on the trees but it was gone by morning after being blown all night long. The sidewalks were covered with shattered ice.
Ice Storm
So now we have been cooped up due to weather! The past couple of days have been quiet as Peanut was so sick and just didn't feel like doing anything. We watched a lot of Little House on the Prairie and other movies. Today I came up with a few fun out of the ordinary activities for us to do so we wouldn't go stir crazy.
Newspaper Sculpting
First we made newspaper sculptures. The girls had fun playing with the masking tape and the long newspaper "wands". We made a teepee for their Little People to camp out in.
Newspaper Sculpting
Later on we made Clean Mud. Basically you shred up 2 toilet paper rolls, grate 2 bars of Ivory soap, mix in some warm water and you get clean mud. (Click HERE if you want the actual recipe.)
Clean Mud
Pumpkin had more fun shredding the toilet paper as it is usually something we tell her not to do. Ha! Peanut enjoyed actually playing with the mud.
Clean Mud
We've also been enjoying some yummy treats. We made Blondie bars last night. Somehow they have disappeared though...probably the cat who by the way has made himself right at home.
Settling In
I've been trying to pump them up with good foods too. We've been having Oscar the Grouch smoothies. These consist of throwing orange juice, a banana, yogurt, spinach, and any other fruit you have in the blender and blending! We have had pineapple and blackberry in ours. You don't even taste the spinach and how it warms my heart to see Pumpkin (who has turned into the pickiest eater ever) slurp that thing down! She has no idea what her Mama is pumping her full of.
I also let Peanut run the vacuum. This entertained both girls for 15 minutes. It would have entertained them longer had Daddy not asked them to let Mommy take over and turn the vacuum off. I think it was too much vacuum whirring for him.
In between these fun activities has been fighting, runny noses, whining, crying, temper tantrums...and that's just from me. HA! Kidding! I only cried a bit today when I was about to lose my mind. I'm ok now because tomorrow...we're getting out of this place (with our ice skates on) even if it's only to meander Target. I think I deserve a Chai with soy for surviving the epic storm of 2011 too! Also did you know...HIS MERCIES ARE NEW EACH AND EVERY MORNING!

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